Ability to change specific exercises within a plan instead of changing the whole plan due to certain health/physical restrictions

When we select ‘Adapt exercise’ can we get the option to remove and replace specific exercises within the same plan instead of the whole plan changing because the only vague option to select is ‘I want to exclude certain body areas’? For example, I have knee issues hence cannot do anything with squats or lunges or anything that requires me to bend my knee and would like the opportunity to exempt such exercises. Thanks

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Hi @tiqchiq and welcome to the forum!

You can exclude specific exercises in your Coach setting :slight_smile:

How? I have tried the only option I see in the coach setting is : training journey, training days this week and equipment. Thanks

Hi @tiqchiq , that might not be possible in the kettlebell fundamentals journey.

I am on the hybrid strength journey and have the following options:

Freeletics is currently working on improving the training experience to not be limited by journey specific settings, so hopefully this will changed in the future and your problem be fixed.


Thanks, I am looking forward these changes/improvements as it will help some of us a big lot.

I have the same problem with my knee and I can’t do lunges … for now I skip this exercise. An option to replace certain exercises within the app it’s a must !