I would like to see Ab wheel workouts

I would like to see ab wheel workouts in the future, it is a very efficient training method

Hi @denizturgut097 , the barbell ab rollout is currently an exercise available when creating a custom workout.

Hopefully it will be be added to the Coach’s exercise pool in the future!

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oh wow I haven’t seen this before, like you said it’s probably because the coach didn’t show it to me before, thanks!

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Hi Everyone

I like the request and I’m not sure TomG’s solution is answering totally.
Form my perspective the ab wheel should be tagued as equipment and therefore let the app proposes associated exercices.
With TomG solution we should add barbell as equipment, the app will then propose “a lot of” exercices we are not looking for.

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Not exactly. The barbell ab rollout isn’t an exercise the coach will assign. You could just assign by yourself with workout creator, so no need to add the barbell as additional equipment.

Hi melaLetics,
Thx for your answer :slight_smile:
However from my perspective the “issue” remains the same, what could be nice is to have this equipment taken into account into a program. So far the only option we have is to go through the creation of specific workout and therefore outside of program (if I’m right)