Implementation of ab wheel training

Consider implementing a workout session that incorporates the ab wheel, as it offers a simple yet effective way to strengthen your core muscles. This versatile tool is user-friendly, making it accessible for individuals of various fitness levels. Adding ab wheel exercises to your training routine can contribute to improved stability and overall abdominal strength, enhancing your fitness journey in a straightforward manner.


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definitely aligned with your point, and it is linked to my previous request (I would like to see Ab wheel workouts - #6 by nicollivier),

@Freeletics, Any update about this new equipment implementation ?

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We will always share updates when they are happening :+1:t2:

To be clear though, you should not expect Ab Wheels to appear in the app soon. Having said that, in the future you might be able to log your own Ab Wheel routines (and indeed a raft of other sports/activities and have the Coach take them in to account in your own training) as per :point_down:t2:


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Thx for the update, even if we should expect this one integrated soon into the app :slight_smile:

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Hi @synchronyfps , the ab wheel is technically already available in the workout creation tool under “Barbell Ab Rollouts”, but not integrated into the Coach

AB Rollout, Rings and Sling Trainer as equipment would make the app perfect for my life :slight_smile:

I agree with the feature. We will wait for the implementation, even is not for short

+1 for Ab Wheel