I would love to buy the lifetime membership but…

I would love to spend my money on Freeletics with a lifetime sub. But the only thing stoping me at the moment is the Apple Watch app. If I only had a word from a developer that they will add it soon or in 1 year from now I will buy it.

Please some reassurance here

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Apple Watch app was there, since about 5-6 months ago, then it has been discontinued. For this reason I don’t expect Freeletics to make it available again, at least in the short-medium term

Did you see this? To me it sounds as if they are indeed considering to bring to Watch app back.


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Not at all, in fact, If they don’t get a lot of traction there maybe they are not going to do anything at all.

Disagree :slight_smile:

My read is that their are considering it and want early feedback on what actually is important to people. There is no Needed / Not needed option for the app, but a lot of ideas to make it useful.

And “a lot of traction”? Out of 54M registered users a few hundred or so are in this forum and out of those a few handful have complained. A few more have probably contacted support directly … but compared to 54M!? Is not much, is it? But it is obviously enough to have someone at FL thinking about it.


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I agree with you there, @Freddy. It does appear to me that they are actually looking at bringing it back in some form, just trying to figure out what features are needed.

Also, watch support is a standard feature for almost all of the top fitness apps on the apple App Store and FL needs to have it if they want to attract Apple Watch users (which there are a lot of). Otherwise many will switch to an app that does have support, such as FitBod or the Adidas training app. Just because only a “handful” are vocal on the forum, does not mean that there aren’t millions of others that would benefit from and appreciate the watch app.

I think they actually got enough traction throughout the months of the break where there formed several very vocal threads about bringing it back. So now they listened and are bringing it back :clap: