Improvement of Challenges section

Hi Everyone,

From my perspective, we have several issues with Challenges section:

  1. Only 3 challenges proposed under “Join challenges created by free athletes”. Why can we not have access to all challenges and thanks to filters we should be able to select “the good” one.
  2. Linked to the #1, all 3 challenges proposed have already started for couple of days… so what is the interest to start a challenge a little bit late?? with the access to all challenges and filters we will be able to select “the good” one.
  3. Could be interesting to have the possibility to chat between challenge participants without necessarily adding them as “following”. It will be a simple & efficient way to chat inside the community.

Thanks and have nice day :slight_smile:



Also, being able to select any workout as a challenge would be great!


Indeed, why such limitation??

I think they wanted to have less options so people would not be spread out in hundreds of different challenges. Limiting options might make the challenges more populated

That’s realy annoying. If I want to pick a pushup challenge, I have to go back and fort till I find the one I want. Just a little refresh :arrows_counterclockwise: button could help though.

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@loaht try pulling down on your screen, that page has the pull-to-refresh logic

So I’ve never done these challenges. There is just nothing that attracts me to it. I think that if I am on a journey, I don’t really want to add extra pushups or burpees or anything every day and perform worse in my journey. (Maybe I could see it as a way to do something between two journeys).

I never open that screen. Am I missing out? Are others doing it? What is your motivation?

My challenges tab does not refresh like this. The feed tab, right next to it, has the pull down refresh, though. I don’t get the logic.
Android 10 here.

I like the challenges because:

  • I can find people with more or less the same consistency and performance as me, so I can compete with them.
  • I can improve on a specific exercise.
  • The group itself is a motivator. You can get notifications when someone completes the daily challenge, reminding you to do it too.

As for performing worse in the journey, the challenges are not as hard as your daily coach, at least you can choose a challenge that will not finish you for the rest of the day.

Hm, definitely a bug then! I am on iOS and it refreshes like that. No reason not to work on Android

Interesting about the motivation to do the challenges, thank you for sharing

Nope not a bug. The challenges do not refresh on Android the same

Hm is there another way to refresh then?

Sure, going back and then tap on challenges again.

Right. So a workaround. Then it is a bug indeed.

Agreed… and it would be nice if the challenges can be sorted from most recent so we could join just as they’ve started or closer to it than 5days to go on a 10day challenge

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Ding ding ding, you said the magic word: Filters
Regarding the last, Filters are the main drawback of this app all and all!
not only for challenges, but for sorting workouts, sorting cooldowns, warmups and such…
Eben the create your own workout, is as dumb as it can be, not being able to sort or filter types of equipment and muscle groups.

look at the thread I opened regarding create your workout

look at this thread regarding Better use of community feature

and look at this thread regarding Filter and sorting system

All of them are necessary and on the same subject we all complain

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