Is it possible to get training data?

as a data engineer, I would like to fetch my personal training data and create my own custom reports/dashboards on top of it. Do you know whether it is somehow possible to get the data?

Thanks in advance.

Hey Pavel :wave:t2:

It isn’t possible to access our API and pull any Training data in this manner. The only way to access Training Data is by requesting this via the app-so “Profile” tab, hit the settings icon in the top right corner, scroll down to “Privacy”, scroll down to “Export data”.


Hey Ben,

thanks for your reply. That’s quite a pity that it is not possible to query the API. I love Freeletics so far, but this piece of the puzzle I am missing a lot. Do you have something like that in the product roadmap?

Thanks for letting me know about the possibility with a “Profile” and “Privacy”, however, this option is really tedious and cumbersome. Would rather love to have some automatic data loads.


Improving access to stats is something that is being worked on in the near future, but to be very honest, I can’t see the API being opened up to outside queries as part of that work.

I’m sorry that I don’t have a more positive response for you :clapclapstatic: