Is it possible to make early subscriptions payment?

Hi there,

I’m using Freeletics app with paid subscription almost about 2 years, and I feel more healthy and strong since I started and develop myself. Also I’m very happy about using the Coach and your Ambassador system which is supporting the Coach wisely! (Special thanks to Turkish Ambassador Erkan İssi, also)

My question is, sometimes I’m seeing discounts about the subscription fees of Freeletics, but for example my subscription renewal is on December and I could not make use of such discounts or after the first year we could not have discounts about the Coach. For making the old or continuous users happy, could it be possible to make prepayment for next year before our subscription ends, or could it be possible to buy 2 years or more subscriptions for the Coach?

I guess it could be feasible for both Freeletics and users in countries which are using different currencies than Europe (I’m from Turkey by the way)

Could Freeletics do something like that? Or do we have more users thinking like me? What’s your opinions about this?

Best Regards to Everyone,

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If your Coach subscription ends in December, it might be an option to wait until January before re-booking. Experience has shown that in January there are always big percentages (~ 50%) on the coach subscription. And if you don’t like to wait the days or weeks, you can always be advertised with a 30% discount. In both cases, your subscription must be canceled AND expired.

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But my concern is having a satisfying pricing for old members, and also making a prepayment. Could not it be possible? It could be a win - win situation for both Freeletics and Customer :thinking:

Hey Altunc,

I don’t think this is something you should expect to see in the near future to be very honest. We are really very busy with some really great updates to the training experience that will start to be introduced to the app in the coming months.

There are so many variables to this -the 2 big App Stores don’t even allow this to happen for example, and if Apple or Google don’t permit it, it just isn’t something that we could even think about.

It is always worth remember that you always have control over your current subscription, whether you buy a subscription from us , from Apple App Store or from Google Play. If you don’t want it to renew at the full price, just cancel the future renewal any time after purchase.