Auto subscription - no warning!

Hi all.

I signed up to Freeletics in Jan 2021. Typical new year resolution of getting fitter. This did not happen. I did not use the app once in the year.

I have just been charged £75 for an auto renewal. I understand the companies model. But I literally did not realise I had signed up for auto renewal. I emailed customer support but receive an automated email apologising nothing can be done.

It just leaves a bitter taste in the mouth given I haven’t used the app once. You got your £75 from my last year. I did not use the app.

Can you please refund this years?

Thank you

There is also no email to warn you Freeletics are about to take payment. Just seems a bit low.

It’s a normal behaviour. I really don’t know a gym, software as a service provider, assurance or what ever who reminds you that you will be re-charged :person_shrugging:
Of course, it’s a pity to be re-charged for a service you never used (I once missed to cancel an assurance and was really angry. But about myself because I missed the deadline, the contractual agreements were clear.)

But you can give/sell your subscription / access to profile to another one who wants to train with Freeletics.

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Yes. But other gyms, companies etc will have a customer service representative who you can discuss these things with. And being people, understand that people make mistakes / did not realise it was an auto subscription. and in good will issue a refund or come to an understanding.

A bot email just rubs salt into the wounds !

There is customer service. And there is disdain for the customer which I am experiencing.

It’s a choice i guess.
Spotify/netflix don’t send any mail but other services do it.
I have a subscription for some products and they let you know about the future shipment few days in advance.
Similar with amazon’s subscriptions.
For prime renewals they don’ t send anything but whenever you decide to cancel they give you back the money for the days that you’re not going to use.
(not all examples are from european countries)

Personally, i don’t like it because mistakes can happen and it would be nice from freeletics to be more user friendly in this case but business is business and the voucher that freeletics offer can be a good compromise.

Actually I’m facing the same problem and I’d like to convert my subscription to a voucher. By any chance do you know how can I do that?

First: do not forget to cancel your subscription :blush: I guess you should write to the support:

Yes, really. Netflix never reminds me. Neither does Spotify.
Do they remind you or renew subscription without reminder? :wink: