Is Staedium dead?

Hello everyone,

I ordered the Staedium kit.

For a question, I contacted them on Messenger. No answer. Then via the support. No answer. Then I discover this forum, do a search, nothing about it since months.

So, anyone know if Staedium is still alive? They got me a bit scared…

I think Staedium has been a very costy ride, they seem also not to update the freeletics app as before. I think its a money and people problem, also on the freeletics app.

Got a short answer from them. Logistics issues. Delivery should be in November Instead. Fingers crossed.

Hey @Aenimea :wave:t2:

Don’t worry here-you probably are aware now if you’ve been in touch with the team that we’re affected like a lot of other companies by what really is a worldwide crisis affecting the production and distribution of semiconductors and processing chips :see_no_evil: This has caused us some delays unfortunately, but we are on track to start shipping in the next couple of months :+1:t2:


Hey Tristan :wave:t2:

I’m not sure about this :point_down:t2:

Personally, I have never known the app to go through so many changes in such a short space of time, and we’re still working on a complete refresh of the app and training experience.