Is Staedium dead?

Hello everyone,

I ordered the Staedium kit.

For a question, I contacted them on Messenger. No answer. Then via the support. No answer. Then I discover this forum, do a search, nothing about it since months.

So, anyone know if Staedium is still alive? They got me a bit scared…

I think Staedium has been a very costy ride, they seem also not to update the freeletics app as before. I think its a money and people problem, also on the freeletics app.


Got a short answer from them. Logistics issues. Delivery should be in November Instead. Fingers crossed.

Hey @Aenimea :wave:t2:

Don’t worry here-you probably are aware now if you’ve been in touch with the team that we’re affected like a lot of other companies by what really is a worldwide crisis affecting the production and distribution of semiconductors and processing chips :see_no_evil: This has caused us some delays unfortunately, but we are on track to start shipping in the next couple of months :+1:t2:


Hey Tristan :wave:t2:

I’m not sure about this :point_down:t2:

Personally, I have never known the app to go through so many changes in such a short space of time, and we’re still working on a complete refresh of the app and training experience.


Do you have any update on delivery date?

Because I got zero news, no answers from support. The only info I have is seeing the delivery date getting changed on the product shop page. This is very frustrating

I’m really sorry to hear this. Can you DM me your order number?



I would love to but I can’t find the button to DM you :confused:

I’ve messaged you :+1:t2:


Guys, I have a very bad feeling about staedium. I purchased it with delivery date in December. I get a call from Freeletics, saying it is stuck in customs and will be one week delayed. 3 weeks later, without any communication, it is still not shipped. Today I get a standard customer service response, mentioning that the supply chain crisis is the problem.

Even the shop still says now (in January) that it will be delivered in December. All in all not very promising, will probably cancel my order next week.