Staedium and what about Freeletics?

Good morning everyone.

After being bombed with continuous references to buy equipment and links to the shop everywhere, even being paid subscribers, they were removed from the app due to general complaints by users and the experience became less intrusive.

After promises of improvements and GREAT additions to the app, all we got was removal of several features. Agree with some, not with others but we are all different.

No features have being implemented to the app still and we are again receiving adds for buying a product.

But what makes me more angry is that you are offering and promoting another product and subscription when the so called improvements to Freeletics app haven’t arrived yet.

Could you please tell us if the announced improvement of this app has ended and all that is expected in a short period of time is fixing small bugs or performance or can we expect something new coming still?

Thanks very much.


@Xiropillo I feel the same, I think their focus is instead on the Staedium app. The improvements of Freeletics are just tweaks in the UI this year, nothing else is improved or added in my opinion.


I, personally, think they made a big mistake. They used the money they earned with the Freeletics App and instead of Improving it, they invested it into a new Idea. So Freeletics user are pissed of Bugs now, removed features. Nice that there are now in a new Design, but how can it be that the coach still proposes Weight Workout without saying the weight? Anyway, I hope the gone have Success with Steadium even that you have to buy something which is useless without a Subscription with a Price higher than a Fitness center which is next to their Office (I live next street with Freeletics Imprint Address).

It’s not a Product for me, but I also would never Buy something like Pelaton neither…


I am using FITBOD now and I am very happy with it.

For others like yoga and meditation I am testing Apple Fitness Plus which also offers cardio, core and light weights exercises so Freeletics is over for me.

In fact simce I paid this year subscription I didn’t use it anymore.

I really enjoyed it for3 years and I was very excited about incoming updates but news never arrived.

Next project seems to be creating own routines. I am paying the coach subscription to get a guide of what to do to improve.

If I need to build my routine, YouTube is never ending.

Enjoy the app as I did. My time is over.


Well these are two different apps and markets. I don’t get why you have the impression it’s a waste of money, just check the success of Peloton or other equipment base gamified exercises @home, it’s definitely a market.

It feels like the app is not progressing, but if you have used the app for a longer time, you feel there was a strong need to improve the feedback and get rid of all the different font size and colors. So the app now is way more consistent in design.

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I agree with you regarding exploring and opening to new markets and improving the visuals on Freeletics but what I do not agree is that we were pushed 5 months ago to renew due to prices increasing and promising new features and the only thing that has been added by now is new colors and dark mode.
This not fair in my opinion and I still like Freeletics but for same price there are other apps out there that at least don’t promise future features that never come.
Pay first and you will get later. When is later?
What will we get?
Again, that is not fair.


We agree to disagree.
The app is better than before, leaner and easier to handle. Dark and Light Mode is an improvement even if you think otherwise.
Workout builder is a common asked feature and is now available.

Yes there was an price increase, the first one I can remember and if you check global prices, everything is skyrocketing, while this is not an excuse you can clearly understand that.
You can get 30% literally from every member and it’s still cheap for Europe or US market given the amount of features you have.

That’s just my point of view, feels like for some that’s not the direction they want to have the app, but in the end we are just 2 of millions of users and we tend to live in our own bubble and don’t see the greater picture as a company needs to have.


And another disagreement from my site.

I have the impression based on multiple factors, and Peloton has not that success anymore. It was a Hype while the lockdown, and Steadium sounds for me like the same, an Idea born out of the lockdown.
But anyway, I hope the best for the project.

But what sad is, that they did not use that money to improve Freeletics. Freeletics was at one point the best app, but others catch up. And I not only miss new exercises, since even the now old stuff is still marked as “new”. But specially the Coach.
Don’t get me wrong, I love the coach when I’m at Home, and can go to my gym and have Access to Barbells and everything. However, when I travel, what I do for my job quite often, the Coach, sorry, sucks. I always pick hotels where I have a Fitness Room. They almost every time have Dumbbells. I bring the Blackroll, the Jump Rope even Resistance bands as well. But for the coach, what I can do is only say I have NO equipment and have to do a Body weight Workout then to fulfill the training.
Also, then other times, I get Exercises with weights, but the coach doesn’t tell me which weights. And it doesn’t want to start with the fact that there is more Function Fitness equipment like Battle Ropes.

With the money, they certainly spend for Staedium they could have improved the Coach and the App to a perfect tool which supports your training wherever and whenever you are perfectly. That’s what I pay the subscription for or not?

And as a Business idea, they can team up with Fitness Centers so that they can provide the App to their Members. My Fitness Center has an app and compared to the coach this app is a joke. A Trainer will create one Workout for you, and Update it like every few Months with you. That was boring for me already after the second week. A dynamic Coach would be the solution.

But instead a piece of Hardware which is outdated in less than two years, blocks space in your home and lets you pay more fee than a cheep Fitness center to use it (even you bought it) And Gamification it’s a could Idea, but you are extremely limited with Steadium in my opinion. But that just me.

Also about the coach, why do I get the assessment (Hybrid) after I finished this Journey, and want to start it again? I basically had to scroll back in my history to write the weights down to be able to enter it again. There is so much to improve for this I guess now 4-year-old coach but the time went into Steadium.


Does FITBOD offer a lot of body weight exercises? I would like to explore. One thing I like about Freeletics is that I can do it anywhere just with a mat only.

I just changed to Fitbod.

There you can create profiles for every environment you want to train, choose which equipment you have there (and they basically have everything a Fitness center offers), which kind of warm up/ cool down you want there, if you want suggestions for swimming, running, biking etc. AND set that you only would like to do Body Weight Exercises there. So, in short, yes.

I don’t wanted to check Fitbod since I was hoping for changes by the German Company Freeletics, specially since their office is next to where I live. But just one Training with Fitbod, it took me some time to figure out all the options they have, I bought the Subscription (which is cheaper than Freeletics) and after the second training i bought the lifetime subscription.

They solved everything I complained here in the Forum, about training in different places, much much much more equipment, not trapped into journeys, full flexibility for every training (You can change like: Today just 30 min and only with TRX for example or whatever you want),

and they have the full Apple Watch support, you even can log progress with your AirPods Pro.

Freeletics went in the wrong direction, I can’t see how they will ever get there, where Fitbod now is.


I was paying for lifetime but in this moment I can’t expend 350 usd so I thought, that is like 6 years with them so maybe in 6 years there are more options as good as them or even Freeletics gets better, who knows.
But great deal you profited yourself.