Store purchases and US shipping


I’ve been attempting to purchase at the store, but it seems like shipping to the US is no longer available.

Also I can’t open a support request any longer, seems like the option is no longer there?

Hey Jason,

I can create a Support request from this thread if you want. But I’ll be able to get a quicker answer for you once I am in the office tomorrow (it’s a public holiday here in Germany today).

What is it you were trying to order? It does indeed look like the States have been removed from the shipping options, but I think this is a bug as I’m not aware of any complete changes to this.

I’ll beg you for some extra time, and I’ll try to find out for you ASAP :pray:t2:


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No problem Ben,

Enjoy your holiday no need to rush!

But yes, perhaps create the support ticket as I cannot find a way to do it any longer.

Thanks. :+1:

Done :+1:t2:

And I’ll try to answer tomorrow here.


Hey Jason,

Ok, so, I have to be the bearer of bad news unfortunately. This isn’t a bug: we are not shipping to outside of Europe for the time being.

I know that this isn’t reflected in the information in the shop at all, and I have asked that we correct this information as soon as we possibly can.

I’m sorry :pray:t2:


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Oh that’s too bad! Well business is business nevertheless.