Make a gift by buying a subscription

Hi, Freeletics community,

I would like to make a gift to my friend by buying a subscription to the app. Is there something like a coupon or gift option?
I have tried to find some but no results.

Thank you.

Do you mean something like this?

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Thank you. Probably this is what I am looking for.
I have tried to find it in the menu( and again - no results.
I feel like I don’t know how to use the internet :slight_smile:

Another question - I have a subscription to my iOS app. It looks like a virtual coach that generates different exercises based on my settings in the app.
Does this Gift Card you sent me, provide the same functionality that I described above?

Yes. It does if the recipient uses it for a coach subscription. I bought one for my sister last year for Christmas :smiley:

Was it a shop gift card? The gift cards I linked to are especially for coach subscriptions, anything else.

Hi MelaLetics, you are correct, it was specifically for the coach. it was the same one that you linked to (just the USA version).