Minor illness / easing back in

It has happened more than once in a few years now, but I would love to see a feature where I can tell Coach that I have come down with the flu / cough / cold / gastro where it pauses my current journey, and allows me to ease back in a week or so later. These are common and minor illnesses that have nothing to do with ‘It is not recommended people with injuries use the app’.

Currently I can only drop it down to 2 sessions in a week, which if I have just started a new week means that both of those sessions - if someone has a cough or cold, or gastro, they will likely not be doing any of that kind of exercise, and the sessions are missed entirely which affects everything else.

What I would like to see is a feature that allows us to pause a journey by saying ‘I have a minor illness - back soon!’ and the Coach would check in during the week, prompt to make sure athletes are resting up / eating well or other tips on getting better quickly, then when we are good to go, it asks if we want to pick up exactly where we left off, or ease back into it over 2 - 3 days. Currently the app does this for longer breaks of a few weeks, but recommending exercises that are easier on the lungs for example (recovering from a cough) or less star jumps (gastro) - you get the idea :slight_smile:

I have been told we can just select ‘make way easier’ but that dose not solve the problem of the 2 dropped sessions in a journey week, and we also then have to go back in and select ‘make way harder’ once we have eased back in, I’d rather just have it done for me when I’m well again. And I would like it to ease back to the same level I was at before I left. Sometimes I fear losing some great upcoming sessions when I have to rejig due to a minor illness.

So the features would be:

  1. Option to select ‘I have a minor illness - back soon!’ - Journey is paused.
  2. During pause - Coach sends reminders for wellbeing / getting better quickly (meditation, stretches, diet etc) - can do some good Nutrition Coach advertising in this week also.
  3. When better - Coach resumes with a week-long ‘ease back into it’ period and then resumes the existing Journey from the same settings / level as before.
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