Be able to give coach input on health, injuries, fatigue, etc

As someone who the last couple of years has suffered burnout, danger of retinal detachment and a broken bone, it would be nice to be able to tell coach that you really need a break. I’m not the one that cares to much about streaks and such, but as I was on a good roll, the continuation of the streaks might have contributed towards my burnout, and when workouts are impossible or not recommended for health reasons, to be reminded that this one session is still waiting for you is a bit annoying. I get used to ignore Freeletics, and that easily continues when I should be getting back. Would be nice to just say: “I’ll be back in X weeks”.

With all the pulse and activity watches and other devices, measuring sleep, HRV, and so on these days, we also have an opportunity to more objectivly assess our own readiness to perform, and some simple way of telling coach something about this could really help I think. I know you can make sessions easier, but maybe hell week could wait a while if you’re really run down, or maybe you could have some more days off for recovery some of the weeks.

Perhaps just remotly related to this, but it would also be nice to be able to tell coach that by the way, in addition to following a strength journey in your app, I’ll be running or swimming, training some team sport, or whatever, on some specific days of the week.

I realize that these things would be difficult to combine with the streak consept, so maybe it could be something you could opt out of?


I’m also not a fan of the streaks in general. But as a burnout is a kind of depression where (depending on the situation) sports in general help, shouldn’t freeletics be a good thing then? I know that it definitely helped me to challenge and force myself to move.

Regarding the injury, the app is generally not recommended for people who are not healthy and you should talk with your doctor which kind of movements you shouldn’t do then and listen to your body. If you broke a bone, you can send that to the support team, so you can get the weeks/months off.
But you can always just ignore the reminders or turn them off completely.

Swimming or biking would be very nice indeed and it has been said a lot, so maybe they’ll implement it someday :blush:

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As far as I know burnout is not a depression, but it could give you some depressive symptoms. I’ve also had depression and anxiety before, that’s why I could know the difference.
No, I lost the ability to really relax no matter how tired I was. Even trying to meditate or breath calmly became just one more thing I should get done. I got numb arms and legs and even had a few moments when I suddenly lost grip strength. Got better when I more or less dropped everything I thought I had to do. My HRV scores (I started tracking this while stressed/burned out) continued to get better and better for many months, maybe even a year.
I got back to working out relatively quickly, but I didn’t follow any plan other than my mood and how my body felt each day. Finding that you feel like working out today is something else. I agree that activity is crucial for physical and mental health. But I probably needed a lot more recovery time than what I was giving myself. It is totally normal to need up to 48 hours, if you have extra stress or problems sleeping, maybe a little cold, you might need even more.