Coach Assistance post Journey - Recovery week

Yesterday, I finished my first journey Shred & Burn.

Throughout the journey the coach has always been there with you but when you finish you are kind of on your own. The coach is there for when you want to start a new journey but when my body is so sore from the past 7 days of non stop god workout in hell week last thing I want to to see is to be pushed to start another journey.

It would be great to have that coach assistance after the journey into a recovery week making sure that you are well rested, stretched, recovered and prepared for your next journey as a seemless transition into the next journey and not just choose another journey when my legs are shaking from finishing the workout as thats the CTA that we see when we press finish on our last workout for that journey.

The overview itself was quite a let down really. I think it would be great to see sort of like a recap of what PB’s you got for the god workouts in this journey (perhaps like a scrollable timeline?). The date range from when you started the journey to when you finished would be nice to show too and different icons for different workouts not just the lunge icon to represent all workouts just to feel more premium.


Hi Jy :wave:t2:

Thanks for sharing! I’ll make sure this gets discussed as we have had similar feedback previously :+1:t2: Thanks for the constructive contribution!


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