New training flow (now available on iPhones)

Hi everyone,
Beginning of this year, we conducted a test phase, showing to some android users, a new training flow (or Coach day view).
This feature is now available for all android users through the experimental feature section of the app, starting with the version 23.21.0.
If you want to give it a try or get back access to it, here is how to proceed:

  1. Check in the setting of your “Profile” tab that you have at least the 23.21.0 version installed
  2. Go to the “Coach” tab in your app
  3. Scroll down to and tap on “Explore all”
  4. Scroll to the bottom and click on “Experimental Features”
  5. Enable Immersive Flow.

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions in the comments below!



I don’t have that option. I also don’t have any pending updates from the Play Store.

Do you see the Experimental Feature section?
Edit: and which app version do you have (you can see it in profile settings, scroll to bottom)?

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I cannot see the option as well.
I’m on version 23.20.0 but in the PlayStore there is so further update available

In this case, you have to wait until this update is available. As this new feature is already announced, I expect the release of this version soon.

Hello Sylvain,

I have the 23.22.0 version, I cannot find the immersive flow… Can you help?


@siflu89 @sedulam
The rollout from the Google Play Store can take some time before it’s available to everyone.
Deleting the app and reinstalling it might do the trick if you want to have it earlier.


Hi @alexjobseed,
If your Android phone has the right version and after reinstalling the app you still cannot see it, let us know.

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Ok! The Immersive Flow is so much better than the old UI! Thanks for the upgrade. Now i’m waiting for new strenght journey :grin:


I have there only enable streaming.

I don’t see the feature,I have freeletics 23.21.0

@kubanskej @malioudia
If you scroll down in the settings of the profile tab in the app, are you certain to have at least the version 23.21.0 ?


Any updates on when this is coming to iOS? I would love to try it out but don’t have Android.

i have version 23.22.0, did the reinstallation and still have no “experimental features” - button at the bottom of the coach section :thinking:

You are searching it at the wrong place. Go to coach tab, scroll to six pack menu and select “explore/show all” (my app is in German so I don’t know the exact naming) at the right top of six pack menu, then scroll down to the bottom of opened screen.

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ich glaube, wir meinen dasselbe, aber da ist bei mir nix :face_with_monocle:


I have 23.22.0 version and it didn’t show this new feature the first time.

After reinstalling the app it showed up.


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We’ll first drive that test on Android devices only and monitor the outcome/feedback/adoption.
If it’s positive, and we decide to move forward with it, then iOS will benefit from it. But until the end of this year, it shouldn’t be the case.

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Thank you @Sylvain for the very clear and direct answer. Totally understand the testing on Android and am happy to hear that iOS users will benefit from it if it is taken well. Looking forward to hearing from more Android users about their thoughts on the new look/feel.

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