New update - Single post per session

The same keeps happening to me. Most of the time, at the end, when I have the “Share” selected “on”, I have to click not to share and then say that I want to share it, otherwise it doesn t post my workout.
Another strange thing that also happened was at the end of a workout session, it didn’t even show the screen to share, it missed that step, it just closed when I hit finish.

Hey @carlossantos :wave:t2:

This sounds like it could be related to this :point_down:t2:


I have an iPhone 12, with iOs 15.6.1. I updated to the latest Freelitics version and it hasn’t happened anymore.
Normally I would do my coach training as normal, never stepped out of the app, and after cooldown, instead of the usual post screen, it just congratulated me on the work out and went to that normal after-workout screen with the summary of what i did. It skipped the post screen.
But the last week, it hasn t happened anymore, must have been the update.

I’d love to see that one, too. I post my stuff via RunGap to Strava. This regularly results in 5-6 single posts, which is quite annoying.