New update - Single post per session

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

Just an FYI that we’ve started to roll out an update that results in your training being completed and shared in one session. This removes a lot of unnecessary screens and extra tapping when completing a session.

So, prior to the update, each individual part of a Coach session was posted individually like this :point_down:t2:

Now, if you complete a session, these components are in one single post, also highlighting some of the Session recap. By tapping on it, you can also view again the full session recap.


Rollout will take a couple of weeks to reach 100% of you-but we hope you like the change :+1:t2:

As always, please do let us know what you think :point_down:t2:



I really like it. It will be way easier to understand my feed and what my Freeletics contacts did on their workout day.

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Great update! Thank you.

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Thats really really cool!!

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Finally, everyone can read the time and PB!

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A much needed update. Makes the feed cleaner and easier to understand! Thank you guys!

Is there any chance that this will also affect how workouts are posted to Apple Health? I know it would be hard to do with the various workout types, but I would love to get one Apple Health workout for the full session.

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Am i missing something, or is it not possible anymore to change the current journey? tried to go over the coach tab, but was not able to find the option…
(Anroid 12)

Hey @Finkae, welcome to the Forum :wave:t2:

Take a look at the post below :point_down:t2:


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Now that i think about it, this makes totally sense :+1: Thanks for the help.

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  • What keeps me going at Freeletics is the competitive nature of the workouts. For me, this also includes seeing the training sessions of others and whether they reach their PBs. If only one more entry is made for the whole day (even if I see the individual PBs via detours), that character will be lost… especially when I do the hardcore journey and then something like 200 burpees and two other exercises over a period of 53 minutes (the rest is missing, cause other exercises) it looks like very little and slow
  • Is the duration calculated based on the logged time stamp, or based on the time actually required without breaks?
  • When posting workouts, I like that I can comment individually on the performance block. If I have several workouts per day (as is usual in the harder Journeys) and just one post, this no longer makes sense
  • And finally, I run through the cooldown part many times, get up and take a shower. I sometimes forget to close the day even though it has ended. Now, if this is the only way to post my performance, there’s no point in promoting the previous day the next day.
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What happens to self selected workouts. Somedays you don’t have coached sessions and you plan your own exercises. How will they get posted?

They will be posted normal as before.

I selected no share my session. I want to share it now, but I can’t find how to reverse it. May you help me?

I’ve got the update now as well. And unlike most people here, I have to say I really dislike it. Like josh said, part of the competitive part of freeletics seems to get lost :woman_shrugging: If I achieve a new PB it needs to be celebrated! And not hidden behind a whole days workout.
Same if I managed to fight through that incredibly tough interval coach asked me to do, …

Id much rather hide the “person now joined xy challenge” posts and the individual picked extra exercises. Like, some people do 10 pushups. Followed by 10 pushups. Followed by another 10. And maybe 10 squats in between. So many posts :woman_shrugging:


The last case (I call it “spam by exercising”) is up to the user, because the user could always choose if an feed entry should be posted or not.
Giving a summary of this is probably not as easy as for a coach session because there is no defined end like a coach day has.

I really like the summary because it keeps my feed clean (and I really like guessing which God is behind a Beat your PB summary - that’s a new kind of challenge of knowing the Gods). But I sometimes also miss the opportunity to celebrate a certain part of a coach session. Perhaps it could be possible to decide for a God to post it separately in a single post just for the case to celebrate the first star, a new PB or something like that?


I realy understand the spam problem, but to change the app character for that sort of optimizations is not the way to go… as an idea… what if the summary would show the God Time instead some uninteressting amount of single exercises? (May an UX Researcher has better ideas, but please dont ignore some ambitious pros, which are underestimated here…)

I think the issue here is more in what they post with the single session overview. I like the single post, but that post should call out important aspects, like if a god was done, a pb was earned, the total time trained, maybe even the number of “workouts” in the session. The AI should be able to determine what is significant. I really don’t care that you did 200 lunges in your session if I can’t see that those lunges were done earning a PB!

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Good job guys <3

What can I do if every time I complete the whole session it doesn’t offer me to share it and it just saves it without me being able to post it? Before it was automatic and I didn’t have to worry about it, but now I have to take screenshots of my sessions because Freeletics doesn’t give an option to share my sessions.