Removal of the Explore tab

Hey everyone :wave:t2:

As part of the on-going work to make it easier to navigate around the app we are starting to test the removal of the “Explore” tab.

A few of you using the Beta version of the app will already have noticed this change.

As we expand this test, starting next week, around 50% of you will see this reflected in your app and you’ll get the below messages in the app to tell you :point_down:t2:

And this is a very quick recording showing the new navigation in action :point_down:t2:


We hope you like the change, and that you find it easier to manage the training you want to do on any given day.

The Explore content will aways be available to those in the test group on the current training day, irrespective of whether this is a Coach day or a rest day.

Please let us know if you like it, and of course if you think it could be changed in any way.



Great! Focus is now just the training journey!


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I love the change! Clean and focused


Love the change. Looks so much cleaner. And love the Workout of the week suggestion.


It’s great! I like that it makes the interface more streamlined.

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Yes love it also. I wanted to do my coach - training. Without the cooldown part. Then i wanted to do some other exercises . After that then the cool down from my regular coach training. but not sure if i did something wrong. My cooldown plan suddenly were gone.

But normally it should be possible to do the training in such way or ? Thanks in Advance

Hey @Trainy :wave:

Yes, this is still possible :+1:t2: I do it myself all the time, so not sure what has happened in your case.

Did this happen to you today? As long as you didn’t mark your Coach season as complete, you should be able to select the still uncompleted cool down. What do you see when you look at your Coach session?


Thanks a lot for your very fast answer. No its some days ago. Will try it at sunday. And ill give feedback. :clap::clap: Thanks a lot to the team for the new features… :blush:

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Great change or better said “a great improvement”. Thanks!


Tested it. It works. So im happy :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m about to finish my current training session and I want to take a look at the teaining sessions in order to choose the following. But I’m kot able to find them in the new version

Hey @Manuel :wave:t2:

I’m not sure I follow you-what is it you want to try and do?


Hi Ben, Where can I take a look at the training journeys? With the new changes I’m not able to find them

Hey @Manuel,

Ah, you can still see these, but the access point has indeed moved :point_down:t2:

You can view them all without changing any current Journey you might be on, but if you don’t want to actually change your current Journey you can just cancel out (swipe back) after taking a look at them.

Hope that answers your question :+1:t2:


Wow, thanks, its very hidding

Hi @Ben, I think it would be very useful to have a small window popping up to explain the new changes after an update. As most users won’t have the reflex to go on the forum. Some people might think this major core feature has been completely removed if they don’t check the forums, and there’re no explanations on the Blog either.
So yeah, a simple pop up window explaining all the changes when opening the app after an update, would be greatly appreciated I think! and could reduce the amount of customer service message for you guys as well :smile:


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Hey @TomG :wave:t2:

Yeah, we do try and do this for major changes like this-you can see examples of the popup re the Explore tab specifically in my first post in this thread :+1:t2:

Unfortunately, we can’t push this to everyone depending on privacy settings-generally if an Athlete has opted out of receiving information from us, they won’t get this.


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Hi @Ben, that makes sense! thanks

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