No fruit/ uncooked vegetable diet meals

Dear Freeletics Team,

I am a recent subscriber of your service and have been using both the workout and nutrition sections of the app. I am particularly writing this email to express my feedback regarding the nutrition side of your service.

Firstly, let me acknowledge that the app’s visual representation and design are impressive, and the meals look enticing. The array of recipes provided is diverse, appealing to a broad spectrum of dietary preferences, especially those who are keen on avoiding animal products.

However, I noticed an area that could be improved upon. Currently, the app allows users to flag certain foods they wish to avoid, which is a great feature. However, this feature seems to cater predominantly to those who prefer to exclude animal-based products from their diet.

As someone who enjoys a limited amount of foods, I found it surprising that there doesn’t seem to be an equivalent option for users who wish to minimize their intake of fruits and vegetables. While I understand the importance of these foods in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I believe it’s also crucial to respect the dietary preferences of users who, for various reasons, might prefer to avoid these. Because of this reason, there has been a limited amount of meals and recipes I’ve been able to consider and the app has not been useful to me.

Considering your commitment to personalization and catering to a wide variety of dietary needs, I suggest introducing more options in the food preference section. This could include allowing users to indicate that they prefer a diet that avoids fruits and vegetables (the same as you allow vegans to exclude animal-products), for example.

Integrating a more comprehensive food preference option would enable users with such dietary restrictions to find meals and recipes that align with their needs. This would enhance the app’s personalization and cater to a wider spectrum of users.

To address this, you could introduce a “Limited Diet” option within the food preference section. Users could select this option and specify their preferred restrictions, such as avoiding fruits, vegetables, or certain types of fruits and vegetables.

This would enable the app to generate meal plans and recipe suggestions that adhere to user preferences. This could include meals like Instapot chicken wings, protein-rich dishes, hearty soups, and satisfying casseroles that minimize or eliminate fruits and vegetables.

I believe this modification would significantly expand the app’s appeal to individuals with limited diets, enhancing their overall experience and making it more inclusive and personalized.

Thank you for considering my feedback. I look forward to seeing how you incorporate these suggestions into the app’s future development.