Nutrition Feedback and ideas

While using the Freeletics Nutrition app, I’ve come across multiple things I’d like to see different.

Your Choice

First of all, I’ll expand on one of Jayce’s they expressed on Optimierungsvorschläge für Bodyweight und Nutrition (German Forum).

They talk about how, when adding own recipes to a meal (Your Choice), they don’t show up as the cover “art” in the overview for a day. It would be useful if, even if we don’t choose a fourth recipe, we can mark one of the three given choices as “our choice”, so it’s easier to remember what I’ve planned.

Feedback on recipes

Altough not often, I’ve come across recipes I don’t like, and would like to be suggested less.
This could be implemented via a button at the beginning or end of a recipe, that way you choose whether you use it or not.

Cleaned up ingredient list

While using the app, I’ve noticed quite a lot of inconsistencies in the lists of ingredients.

E.g. some recipes require 2 hard boiled eggs, while another requires 2 eggs and in the recipe it says to boil them. If I then go ahead and put it in my shopping cart, I expect it to show up like this:

  • 4 eggs

But isntead, it shows up like this in the grocery list:

  • 2 boiled eggs
  • 2 eggs

So they should just be the same everywhere, no matter the recipe.

Recipe notes

I’ve come across multiple recipes I’ve only tried once, and while cooking, there are things I’d like to note down for the next time I’m making it, so I don’t make the same mistakes twice.

iOS Screen time merged with Freeletics

Recently, I’ve observed that, if I’m using the Freeletics Nutrition app, it counts as the normal Freeletics app in the iOS screen time. Is this intentional, is this a bug?

This is feedback that we are tracking with regards to Nutrition so thanks for adding to it :+1:t2: