Improvement suggestions Freeletics Nutrition

Hi everyone!

First, thank you for all the great job. I’m a long-time subscriber and really like the app.

  • New feature Add ingredients you already have (and quantity): People could add ingredients that helps the next feature…
  • New feature Suggestions based on your ingredients: If you are not able to buy new ingredients for whatever reason, Freeletics Nutrition is useless. But there is something better with this. Sometimes I buy ingredients for some recepts that I only use once, and after that, they rot in the fridge.
  • New feature Weight track.
  • New Feature feelings? track: Improving nutrition not only impacts our weight, but also how we feel. It would be great to be able to have a track in the same app with how we feel and see the progress of this as we improve our eating habit.
  • New feature Bookmark favorite recipes: I love some recipes but I usually forget that they are there or the name…
  • Improvement Textbox search: I want to type what I’m looking for and not scroll through an alphabetized list trying to figure out what the dish is called.
  • Improvement Search by ingredients: Sometimes I feel like a dish around an ingredient or I want a dish with some specific ingredient.
  • Improvement More food restrictions: For example, cheeses, fruits, vegetables, nuts…

Once again, thank you for the app and I look forward to seeing what is to come.

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I would love all of these! thanks @Rafa