Nutrition: search by ingredient / optimize for mealprep and shopping


just gave the nutrition app a go. Looks nice but the functionality ifeels a wee bit restricted… The main drawback is that it does not seem to take into account the logistics at all :wink:

Would be nice and much quicker if you could get a suggested meal plan for the entire next week (with the option to have a cheat day off maybe?) and then modify if needed. The plan should (optionally) take into account reusing similar ingredients to reduce food waste and make shopping a bit more straight forward. Some for of rating system would probably also be nice to have long term… You should also be able to search recipes by ingredient to use stuff thats still in the fridge. Doesn’t feel particulrly smart / conveneient atm although the recipe selection seems fine.

What about a x2 button - pretty antisocial atm :wink: ?


I totally agree with you. Currently, each day, the nutrition coach will just throw 4 random recipes at you, 7 days a week which sums up to 28 different recipes per week, with most of them requiring different ingredients. This is madness! It’s impossible to stick to the nutrition coach’s plan without wasting tons of food or owning legions of fridges.

In its current form, the nutrition coach is a nice cook book, from which you can choose your daily recipes. However, it is not suited to serve as a nutrition coach since you can not follow it blindly as with the training coaches, due to the issues you named.

Is the Nutrition Coach still being developed at all? The last update is from January 2020.

I’ve been using the Nutrition Coach since January 2018, in pairs. The meals are tailored to me, but my husband also uses them to keep his weight very constant.
We don’t know the problems with planning. Maybe it’s also because of the length of time we’ve been using the coach? We don’t throw away any leftover food, we have a medium-sized refrigerator and only a small freezer.
We both hate shopping, so we always plan our meals several days in advance so we only have to shop twice a week. So you can plan your dishes really well. Of course, it happens that a meal only comes with suggestions that we do not like or do not suit our metabolism (e.g. we cannot metabolize carbohydrates well in the evening). Then we look right and left at the other days of the week and thus expand the suggestions.
I think it’s our routine with the recipes that we don’t have any problems with them. We also don’t strictly adhere to the coach. For example, I practice intermittent fasting and only eat two, sometimes three instead of four meals. Especially when we are visiting his family, we cannot stick to the meal plan. My family is much more open and looking forward to the recipes that I will bring with me :slight_smile: