Old freeletics app called gym

Hello, I am an old freeletics subscriber and till this week use also an old freeletics app called gym. On regular freeletics app I trained without weights, with weights I train according to gym app. But now it stop working. Anybody know what happened?

Best regards, Robert

Did you do an OS update? The app is deprecated for years - chances are great that it doesn’t work anymore with a certain os version.

I didn’t do any OS update. It just happened. I wonder if Freeletics simply shut down the app? On picture you can see what write when I open the app.

Thank you, for your’s respond.

Seems to be a problem with your phone. I also have that app installed, it still works:

But I have problems to open Freeletics Running, I can’t login anymore.

Interesting. I don’t have freeletics running so I can not comment on it.

Thank you for letting me know, that on your phone still works.

Best regards, Robert