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I use the freeletics app on the phone and maybe as you can see im using it for a long time. Not long ago i trier for the first time the coach app and i find it very easy to use. For that i want to thank the freeletics organisation. I have a small coment on the videos for the training. Is it possible that i choose only male or only female that does the excersis examples on the app. Cause i think for a male is it more motevating if a atheletic male does the excersises. Thats what goal is… to have that body and otherwise a female has a goal to have a body like the female actresses in the app.

Hallo, fruher gab es bei Eizelübungen wenn man sie gestatet hatte einen Übungs źähler boton. Warum hatte man den enfernt?! Wenn man zb. 500 Burpees macht ist es schwer da noch richtig mitzu zählen.

fg Peter Pitt

I’d like to propose to have journeys that can complement specific sports. My case, I play tennis and would like to chose a journey that could help me to strengthen my body to improve my performance in the court.