Old Workout Posts

Hello and happy new year!

Before starting a God-workout I usually take a look at my old PB and recent times, and I also used to be able to see the comments I wrote when I posted them by “editing the workout” (in profile → workouts → workouts.)
My comments usually include some notes to myself (like “burpees in sets of 7”) .
I can’t do that anymore for quite some time now, I only get the option to delete old workouts.
As I do not want to scroll back 3 months in my profile, is there another way or workaround?

Any ideas?

Hey Simone :wave:t2:

Happy 2022!

This is an area where I don’t believe we have any quick way or workaround to achieve what you want to do :cry: I can’t remember exactly when the change to your previous workaround was made, but it was earlier for sure.

I think we are aware that accessing previous training data needs improving :+1:t2: I’ll made sure to add this use case to the discussion.


Hi Ben!

Thanks for getting back to me :slight_smile:

Meanwhile I figured out: I can still edit my 2020 & older workouts following that path, but 2021 & newer are just deletable.