One click workout

I want to be able to only press start and then let my phone be workout touching it again until the whole workout is complete.

Warmup, training, stretch. Done.

I would also like an option to switch all the amount (12x) exercises to time based so that I can have zero interaction with my phone.

And finally, I would like it all logged as one exercise in apple health.
Iā€™m using whoop which receives 3 exercises per day.

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Also whoop user here. :raising_hand_woman:t3:
But I really do not have a clue what you mean with this.

This is a big deal for me too. I want to time box the whole workout and not interact with my phone

I am a bit confuse as well to understand the request.
Can you please describe a little more by taking an example of workout?

on my side workout are based on reps to be performed so I have to interact with my phone to move to the next one. not sure to understand how can we do w/o any interaction