Automatic progress to next workout

Hello, Is there a way to set the workout to move on automatically? If I move with the same speed as the animation I shouldn’t need to count and press next all the time.

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Hello Florentina :slight_smile:
no this is not possible. Also because the speed at which you perform your excercises should vary and not always be the same as the animations.

Reaching for my phone to press next after each short exercise is really a no go for me. Will this be an option considered for the future? Otherwise, unfortunately, I will need to find another app for my exercise.

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Hey Florentina :wave:t2:

It’s not likely no. As Anna mentioned it’s actually just not practical. The vast majority of training offered by the Training Coach is repetition based, and the number of reps that you can do in a certain time will vary greatly compared to the number of reps, let’s say Dorian could do in the same time.

Even the pace of reps for you will vary greatly within a workout. For example, your pace of pushups is likely to be faster in the beginning, than the pace in the very final round of a workout like the one offered by Achilles.



Hello I’m agree with Florentina, this is really not practical to touch the phone after each exercice. We should be able to choose time exercice or rep exercice.
Maybe an option with voice control may be the best solution.