Swipe to finish a workout or an interval

What a pain, can you please put back the possibility to finish a workout or an interval by sliding the screen from right to left like at each exercise change. It’s really a UX mistake. I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses this feature. The end of exercise button is too close to the home button on Android, it wastes too much time and requires too much precision when you are exhausted. Thank you for your understanding.


I’ve got good news for you Royer :point_down:t2:



this IS good news indeed. When you’re finishing the workout, normally you just want to finish and precision to press a button is normally gone. lol

Great with the continous improvement approach.

Couldn’t you consider including a audio option instead of the swiping. E.g. shouting ‘NEXT’ or clapping twice (the signature double clap) when you’ve done the reps etc.

This would also improve the ux if wearing gloves etc.


Good idea. And yeah, it’s kinda horrible to go to your phone just to do the next exercise when you already know what you need to do. More horrible when you have wet and dirty hands.

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