Option to add custom exercises

It would be good to have an option to add custom exercises in the workout builder, today we can only include the exercices available in the app. Could be a text to input the exercise name and maybe a picture.

Today I have to use other app to manage my custom workouts but would be great if I could stick wirh freeletics app only.


Hi, I think I know what you mean. My Tuesday workout has a part A and a part B. I have these parts set up in the app. Since the app doesn’t have a seated one arm cable row option, I do that exercise at the end of my custom workout part A, and then start part B.

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Yes! I too would love to be able to add exercises not included in the app to the custom workouts.

Yes, this would be great! At the moment I have to replace different exercises, for example I will do Plank Jacks but I choose Jumping Jacks or when I will do Squat Walk I replace it with Wall Walks. It is of course working too but would be much better when possible to add custom exercises!

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Big vote from me. I currently work out at the gym but a few of my exercises are not available in the app, so I don’t use the builder and therefore don’t log my workouts.

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