Create custom workout

The new “create your own workout” feature is promising, but currently cumbersome to use. A few notes on problems encountered:

  1. You cannot search for specific exercises. You have to scroll through the entire list.

  2. All exercises are added in terms of “reps”. This makes no sense for cario exercises such as running or sprinting (e.g., what does 10 reps of sprinting mean without some distance or duration?).

  3. Several common exercises (e.g., biking and rowing) are not available.

  4. Logging your workout is difficult. Unlike other Freeletic workouts, you cannot hit the plus (+) button to record the date and length of your workout. You have to hit “start” and go through the whole workout one move at a time, in realtime, which is okay sometimes but often inconvenient.

  5. After doing a workout you created, it doesn’t show up in your history.