Picture on background makes forums hard to read

As title says. It is hard to read the white and grey texts on light background with grey picture. I did switched my theme to WCAG dark, but it did not helped at all.


Hey @m.jurcovicova :wave:t2:

Looking at this post I think you have a point :+1:t2:

Give us some time and we’ll try to improve the background photos in each section :smile: Thanks for the constructive feedback.



Just want to chime in and agree with the OP.

I know these images look good, and it’s on-brand, but they’re getting in the way of the whole point of the forums… reading the content.

You don’t have to go as far as changing the background to a darker colour. I would still use the same images, but make them considerably darker. Then if anyone says now you can’t really see the background… tell them that users don’t come here to look at the background images :wink: :smiley:

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Hi @Ben,

The forum’s readability is still a concern. Has any work been done on it by you or someone from your team since @m.jurcovicova’s post about it?

Could you please consider disabling background pictures? Take a look at forum.sketch.com to see how clean and pleasant to read it is.

Thank you.


It is true that the text colour contrast doesn’t reach even AA level (the minimum requirement).
I have a 100% vision and a retina screen, yet even I struggle with this forum.
Pretty sure that fix requires only a few clicks in your configuration dashboard and no development? Fixing this will take 5 min, let me know if you want a pro bono consultation on web accessibility :grinning:


24 days and… nothing

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HI Pawel,

If you take a look around the Forum you’ll see we’ve changed these images. We just have, at the moment a standard image, which we are also reviewing.


Lol just hire a UX designer already and be done with it. Sofia said she’d do it at mates rates too.

Look, I get it. Someone is slapping in a nice background image and sure it looks great. Though they’re not thinking about the users point of view and why they even come here in the first place.

If you really want a background image, then I’d multiply a black overlay at 70% opacity in the least as per below. (I still think it’s not enough, but designers would do anything to get something across the line!)

Just think about any user here and their poor brain that’s spending 5+ mins reading a bunch of posts, it’s cognitively draining having to deal with constant changes of background contrast.