Removal of the Remote Apple Watch experimental app

With Freeletics premium since 2015. Zero exited about Workout builder. Zero exited about Staedium. 100% disappointed about watch app removal.

It’s bad enough that you burn our subscription money to build features and even whole new apps that we don’t want. But pulling apps, that we use regularly and that we paid for, from the store without notice, is is a whole new level of impudence.

How do you want to be “the best Training app out there” without being present on one of the most popular fitness tracking devices?

When I started freeletics it was all about how the coach “intelligently” builds the perfect workout for us based on our individual feedback. Now you could have tons of feedback more, automatically collected on our watches during workout and feed this data back into the coach. But no, you rather let us build workouts ourself. Why would I need a coaching app in the first place, if I wanted to create my own workout plan?

It all doesn’t make much sense to me, but maybe I’m just not in the target group of freeletics anymore.


Disappointed, I hope they fix the problem with the Watch if I don’t change the app.


Bad programmers kill projects that they can’t get to work correctly.
Good programmers work hard and find a workaround.
You decided where you are!
I hope you reconsider.


Have now been using Freeletics without the Apple Watch app for 3 weeks and it annoys me tremendously, to the point that I am seriously considering moving elsewhere. :angry:

most of the other big phone fitness apps have accompanying Watch apps. Can you remain competitive if you do not do this?

Again I urge you to reconsider the Watch app and focus on an app that is simple and well functioning rather than too ambitious and not working.


I agree with all said above! this feels so wrong and backwards.

The disappearance of the apple watch app really throw me out of my work out routine. I hate to have to reach out for my phone everytime I need to pass to the next exercise, I miss the focus of being away from my phone to work out and I miss to easily track my heart rate (this is Hiit after all!!!). I also agree and feel efforts are being put in the wrong places, the main thing of freeletics concept is that you don’t have to put together your own workout!!! that you show up and your workout is planned and you don’t need to think about it! I feel you are loosing the focus of this app. I´m one of those considering if sticking with freeletics or looking for other alternatives, and I would also recommend the urgent come back of the apple watch app.


Freeletics user for 8 years, level 126 - referred multiple people, and pay for a premium subscription for me and my son. (I’m long time invested!)

You’re right, the watch app was buggy and not up to the normal Freeletics standards - but removing the app instead of improving it is disappointing. Not sure how many people were fully logging their workouts through the app - but I was using the watch as a remote often. The reporting spundete receiving about logging (with a broken finish button) may not accurately reflect usage.

I hope you add an improved app to the wishlist and release it quickly!


Hi there, it was a key feature that make me decide to choose Freeletics. It’s very disappointing. :rage:

We have other companies that include WatchOs 9 in their plan.

I’m going to cancel my subscription and move to another platform. :sleepy:


Ok, you mention that just a few people used the Watch app. Then don’t be surprised that you’ll lose those subscribers. Me among them.

With so many sports apps out there, gaining a customer is very difficult, so I don’t think it will be worth the money you’ll waste trying to acquire new customers to replace Apple Watch users.


This is my feeling exactly! Perhaps, after over 6yrs of usage, I am no longer part of the target group for Freeletics!


Since they don’t put back the freelectics into Apple Watch can someone knows any other training program similar to freelectics that works with Apple Watch??
Please give your feedback to similars training programs like thisone in order we can choose other options :blush:

I haven’t tried it and can’t speak to the quality of the workouts or the results that you would get from it, but the Adidas Training by Runtastic app is a modernized (since Adidas bought it) version of Freeletics’ top competitor back in the day. The app has Apple Watch support and Apple TV support. In my opinion though, the workouts look easier and have a worse AI progression - nothing compares to the Freeletics Coach on those fronts, which is why I have always stuck with FL.

Another option for bodyweight (and some optional weights) training is the Nike Training Club app. Again, good app and UI but the program does not seem as good as FL.

The last option I have heard is good, is FitBod, which does do AI generated workouts and is supposed to be a great training tool with progressions and everything. I have tried FitBod and was impressed, but it lacked something that Freeletics offered, which is the gamification and ability to compete against yourself and others in the community. It is a very solo and uninspired experience IMHO.

There are a ton of athletes, myself included, who are very upset about the removal of the watch app (especially without any formal warning beyond the forum). That said, FL still offers one of the best personalized training programs out there and is worth sticking to if you can deal with the loss of the watch app. I just removed the health integration and started tracking my workouts on my watch in the workouts app. I actually find that this experience is even better since I can customize the data that I see on the apple workouts app (just have to bend over and swipe right for every exercise, ugh).

I hope that helps and good luck on your fitness journey!


Thanks for the journey. But no I leave. I see not much efforts towards the original app and the removal of the watch app was the reason that I am leaving now.

I just renewed my subscription after a break during a few months and discovered the Apple Watch app doesn’t exist anymore. If I would have known before, I would not have subscribed. That feature was a key differentiator for your Service.

I’m also thinking about leave Freeletics when my subscription ends.

One of the main reason I choose Freeletics was for the Apple Watch app.

Maybe Apple fitness is the next step.

This is a payment app and you are giving less for the same money?

Bring back a simple version of the watch app, continuing from exercise to exercise from the watch is so much more workout friendly then having to go to your phone.

Agree to the above - very sad about the app removed. It was one of my favorite features of Freeletics and also the main use of my Apple Watch. Have been using it for every workout, as it was very convenient to move to the next exercises through the watch while having the phone on the side only. Hope they bring it back - for now I cancelled the renewal of my subscription…


Y’all need to bring the app back. All those extra squats reaching for my phone don’t even count lol


Argh. Just renewed my yearly membership after a hiatus to discover the Watch app is no longer available. I hope you do make it available again because reaching for the phone during a workout is one the main pain points of the polished Freeletics experience. Think I’m gonna look for alternatives a bit now, at least Stronglifts has a watch app even if the trainings are a bit different.

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OK can ya’ll bring the app back now? it was good enough, but do not leave us without!! Is making me want to look elsewhere!

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personally, without I watch apps, I won’t renew my subscription. I don’t use anymore Freeletics. it’s a shame, as I liked to use this training.