Removal of the Remote Apple Watch experimental app

Is it right that there a no efforts to bring back the watch app or did I miss something. My subscription is about to end and thinking of to cancel it.

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I’ve seen no indication that they are inclined to bring it back. I’m guessing Freeletics wants/tries to be the Peloton of strength training with Staedium which consumes a lot of rnd and the subscriber fallout from removing the apple watch app is a (un)calculated risk.

Hello I need the Apple Watch integration again. Freeletics is useless without it I am so used to workout with my watch instead of reaching all the time to my phone lying somewhere in the dirt. I don’t even know what’s the next workout. It’s just the wrong decision. You are greedy - we all pay for your services and you do a workout creator nobody was asking for.
I start hating Freeletics and the way you treat your customers.
It was the best and I had huge developments but now I can just cry and bury myself.


I just restarted my training after 2.5 month break and not being able to use the watch to mark an exercise as complete is a big inconvenience.

As said above me, this is/was a main feature for me.

I want ready to go workouts and not spend time to build them on my own.

I just heard about Stadium here and the pricing is ridiculous, will not even consider it.

Please bring the apple watch support back and fix the bugs it had.

Try to hear what your customers value and want.

Get better at communicating changes


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Hi All, when the Apple Watch app will be back? It’s hard to workout outdoors without watch. I cannot keep my phone out when is raining.
Is there plan to get this back or is better I start looking for different training app?

I personally don’t have an Apple watch, but having my Samsung 4 watch integrate with the app is one reason I switched over to Adidas Running/Training. The exercises and coaching may not be as complete as Freeletics, but the ability to log all my exercises and runs without carrying my phone all the time is a huge plus for me. That being said, the community aspect and the exercise selection at Freeletics sits heavy on the scales as well.

Hi have decided to cancel my Freeletics subscription since the removal of the Apple Watch seems to be permanent.
I spend my days at work on a screen and on my phone: having an Apple Watch version of Freeletics allowed me to go to the gym without my phone which was a great way to have access to the coaching features and exercices without having a phone in my pocket or the temptation to browse other apps between sets. Freeletics Apple Watch App allowed me to have a screen free time during my gym and I rely enjoyed it because it was 100% focused on my training.
Even the ability to remotely control the exercices launched on the phone version was great, it allowed me to put the phone on the floor or nearby when I was training and almost never had to touch it.
Now that the features from the watch are totally gone, I am looking for another coaching app that is 100% Apple Watch compatible.
Bye bye Freeletics.


I wonder how many users really use the custom WorkOut feature… The gods w/o and the intervalls are great already, the rest honestly is gadget. Bring the watch App back please this is ridiculous…
Or like someone said, just maake it a remote then with start, next, end + timer/ghost this is enough.

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You’re nowhere to be the best fitness app. The mobile app itself is a disaster. And I will join the club as the Apple Watch has been the main thing that kept me training. Now with its removal, I’m looking for a different app and you’ll be buried in the history :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried the apple fitness subscription? I had a break following injury and now back in to the app and using the remainder of my subscription, I remember how crap it is now having the watch. Firstly to record heart beat and then secondly just being able to move on from one exercise to another.


This is really annoying and inconvenient . During workouts no body wants to go to app stare at the screen and touch it with sweaty hands. Considering the best of workout designs you made and the iOS app this is completely opposite with out watch app. So please reintroduce it.


Please bring the AW app back. What else do you need to realize that wearables are the future of free athletes, not STAEDIUM? This is one of the hottest trending topics, invest here!
Thanks for your interest and comprenhension.

I just decided to leave Freeletics. Not reacting to your customers feedback is the worst sign you can give. There are good alternatives and Apple Watch support is not a feature anymore: It has to be supported!

I’m coming up 8 years / level 96 commitment to FL. Like many posters above, use of the Apple Watch transformed my experience. It’s a huge step change backwards to withdraw it. One of the biggest factors in dropping the habit of exercise is inconvenience, and when the app disappeared those inconveniences came flooding back and knocked me out of my 7.5 year rhythm, leaving me to weigh up the other options.
I’ve recently started back up again to see if I can regain the appetite but so far it’s patchy. Nobody wants to keep their phone under their sweaty face when they’re doing burpees…
If I don’t see a confirmation that the Watch version will come back I’ll probably and sadly try something else.
What is also really annoying is during the early days after the watch app disappeared, the FL website only had the simple instructions for how to open it on the watch and No News that it was being / had been withdrawn. I found this thread by chance - new phone reinstalled app to try again, had another look and found some posts.
For months I was concerned I had a software issue with either my watch or my phone. I often get FL messages asking for feedback on new additions, I think there are plenty of ways to inform users that a key element of the experience is being withdrawn. That’s poor support frankly.
Like others, I don’t need expensive development for it to make a big difference. The remote/start /stop simple version is good enough for now and way better than nothing.
DIY workouts, and loads of extra steps to close out a set on the phone are not more valuable to the FL product than the ability to use the watch in my opinion.
Bring it back please and share important news with users where they will see it not hidden in chats!