Saving Workouts

I think the app needs the ability to save workouts i want to do to my profile. Ive often wondered why you over looked such an obvious feature…i regularly find one, think oh i’ll save that for later, cant, then forget which one it was……surely this would be an easy thing to implement and encourages activity


I guess this is only a thing of new athletes to not remember workouts. After some years I’m able to hear (!!!) which workout my husband is doing 🫣

But having the favorite top five available in explore tab would be really sugar in user experience :innocent:

probably phrased it wrong. I more meant, if you could save/favourite workouts i could plan a week with that in mind, instead of having to trawl through them all every time, i don’t need to remember the content of each one, just know that i could save a few for the week and enable better planning.

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Yes! 100% agree. Would like something like a heart at the top of the workout or exercise to “add to collection” of one’s that I really enjoyed and would like to go back to.

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