Personalized Workout Playlist

Is anyone else interested in User created Playlists of exercises to prevent searching between different workouts, warmups, and single exercises? Basically this would be like a self-made Coach routine which you can save and use again and again.

I often use particular workouts together (like a Push/Pull/Legs rotation), and I have several favorite exercises that I like to do for those particular days. However, I hate having to scroll through in between exercises. I would love the ability to have a set of Favorite exercises… But even more, I would love to be able to make a playlist - for example, it would be great to make a list of my favorite Core Warmup, to go with my Dumbbell Core routine, with some single exercises related to my core, and then a core cooldown and stretch. Or I could do legs, arms or whole body.


True. I was wondering the same. Would be nice to let the user build a playlist or create a session putting together some of the signed exercises or workouts.


Honestly if we could build and save our own custom intervals, this would be the best advancement yet.


Hey everyone :wave:t2:

This is something that we probably want to see in the app at some point-it would be amazing to get some more feedback on this idea, so please contribute any thoughts you wish to share on this topic :pray:t2:



hey everyone, I’ve been thinking the same thing, used other apps before with a “save workout” which was great.
It would be good for “Hungry for more” feature, instead of creating 7-day challenge of the same exercise, actually, allow us to design our own interval.


I do agree with those guys. The list of exercises is great but gaving to chose one by one is a bit discouraging


Somedays I decide to go for individual exercises, but I don’t see the option for specifying the the sets for an exercise . We can only define reps, it would be better to specify the sets and reps together for individual exercises.

I have to repeatedly search the same exercise and add it again and again for each set,. :smiling_face_with_tear:

One more thing : Can we have a section or bookmark our most loved single exercises. So we don’t have to search again for them and can take them from bookmark/like list.

Also, another way would be these exercises would be at the top of individual exercise list, so that we can quickly select them without search. A bookmark/love button on right side of the individual exercise list can be helpful in such scenario.


Would be realy great to have such an option like a personalized workout playlist as it would improve the app a lot ans since it was already suggested several times in other topics.

@Ben : is it forseable if and when such an option will be integrated? I am wondering cause your answer above sounds like FL is not working at it yet and that it is nothin that can be expected in the near future.


Hey @Ben, any update on this thread? How will this feature be implemented ?