Share development roadmap

Would it possible to share the development roadmap for the app with the community? I believe this would make the development process more transparent and would be a great way to connect with the community.

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Do you work in software business?
I do (as software developer - not at Freeletics) and the only persons we share our roadmap are internal ones. Development is high confidential in most cases (especially for new features and especially in a competetive business).

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I’ve seen it happen before e.g. in early access games. Of course I don’t expect all the development details to be shared, but just a general roadmap of which features are being planned and in what order. The support team already mentions they are working on a feature when they are asked about it anyway, so why not share that information in a more structured manner? I think it would be great way to keep people engaged and looking forward to future updates.

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Stating that something is on the roadmap on a user forum and releasing a detailed schedule are very different things! That said, it has been really nice getting a heads up on this forum when new features are coming out in the coming weeks (Thank you, Ben!). It would be really nice if Freeletics made these announcements more public (e.g on the official blog or via email) before the feature comes out rather than a week after.

I don’t see why those are two very different things. I don’t expect a detailed schedule or even dates, only a list with planned features and in what order the development team will be working on them.

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Don’t see why telling all competitors all upcoming features would make any sense in a dense market.

Don‘t see the advantage for the competitors, if Freeletics announce e.g. that it will be possible to specify the weights (non-weighted journeys, explore tab workouts) in Quarter x 2022 or that a new journey will be published in Quarter y in 2022

I mean they had no problems announcing staedium 4-6 months before it will be (probably) published :wink:

They published the Stædium Project in presale modus, not in “still development”/“planned”.
For competitors it will be really hard to design and to develop similar product in this period. That’s the difference :wink:

My point is that there isn‘t a disadvantage, if they‘d give us informations like my examples, as there isn‘t a disadvantage to already announce Staedium for marketing reasons :man_shrugging:
But I don’t doubt that we won’t see such a roadmap :wink: