New skill progressions with polls

I have an idea of a feature request and I would like you to tell me what do you think. If you would like it, if not, if you would change something of it, etc.

Let’s say every 3 months (to say something) Freeletics ask us to submit a new excercise we would like to train. Then they would make a poll with the (let’s say) 5 more suggested and the one that wins gets added to the app with a Skil progression.

I am thinking mostly of bodyweight exercises that are missing in the app but if you know of some with weights that would like to be added, don’t hesitate to suggest them.

I really like that my skill progressions are tailored for me by the algorithm.
I would not be happy to get skill progressions voted by the majority. And I think a new free athlete would not be happy too when getting skill progressions like pullups or handstand push-ups just because they were voted by more experienced and skilled athletes.

What I meant was that the addition of new exercises with incorporated skill progressions are voted by majority.

The ones that now exists, would remain tailored by the algorithm as it is now. Which I also like it veeeery much as it is nowadays.

To say an example with exercises I personally would like to see someday in the app: this month they would add a skill progression (and the exercises that come along with it) for “frog to handstand”, “planche pushups” or “lever”.

People would vote which one they prefer and just for the sake of the example let’s say planche pushups are selected. Then in the upcoming months the freeletics team adds them and adds a skill progression path for them. How is that path would be left for the experts but surely in this example would only be unlocked once you completed the pushups path.

Then we would have (if none others gets added in the meantime) 19 skill progression paths (the ones we have now and the planche pushups one) that would continue to work as they do now. New athletes would still get leg raises/pushups and more experienced athletes would still be getting the ones they were on but now have the option to add a new one selected by the majority, but (as they work now) if they don’t want to do it, they can disable it.

I hope I have explained my idea further

You are talking about new skill pathes?

Without knowing the code behind the skill pathes and their connection to skill progressions: A month is not enough for implementation, I guess. Once or twice in a year would be more realistic with a well structured path designed by coach team.

If I like the idea? Don’t know. I think the existing skill pathes already cover most basic movements and those exercises the most athletes are struggling with.

But what do the other user reading this thread think about this? It always feels like I’m the only one who loves to add her two cents :rofl:


That I can agree on. I said in my first post “3 months” and in the reply “1 month” just to say an example but the actual ideal time, well I have no idea :stuck_out_tongue: .

Also I know one month can also be too much for the athletes having soo much new paths being added.

I really like skill pathes because the joy it brought me when I could do my first 1 min handstand hold or my first chin-up was amazing. I have many pathes still to complete but that’s why I would like new ones, to be always challenging myself and getting better.