Statistics/ Progress

It would be cool if you could implement a function where we could see our progress in a clear statistic. This is partly possible for the workouts (even if the statistics are not really informative), but it would be great if this were available for all exercises, e.g. also for the exercises with weights (e.g. to see a progress in the weights).


Hey Mario :wave:t2:

Improving the statistics available to Athletes is something that we are looking into :+1:t2:

What exactly would you like to see here though? Which statistics do you think would best show you your progress?


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For the god workouts you could show progress over time, not only the PB.

The email with weekly stats is a bit boring, some options:

  • points over time (month, year), not just the last week
  • same for workout time (month year)
    Etc (or just look at some of the known running/cycling apps and see what they have)

I would be really thankful for providing the rare data.
Yes I know I can get the data per email when requesting.
I like to do some analysis by my own like “what day of the week do I do a PB?”, “What is my performance while I’m on my period?” , “What’s my improving in a workout?”.
And I would like to have these statistics highly current and I’m sure the support would not be happy when I start asking for my rare data every week or day :wink:


One of the stats that I love to see from running apps like Strava, is a measure of overall fitness based on recent workout intensity, volume, and performance. Even better would be if Freeletics could connect to Apple Health and Google Fit to import things like HR during workouts to better estimate fitness. I would assume that the coach currently uses a value like this to determine what workouts to assign to each person, so it would be great for that to be accessible to users so that we can track our fitness over time. It would be very motivating to stick with your training if you see the score go up when you do your workouts and go down when you skip days/weeks.


Hey Ben,

In addition to the suggestions above, it would be great to see e.g. in a diagram, how much more or less weight I can lift in a specific exercise and how my performance develops over time (week, month, quarter, year); for bodyweight exercises, the number of repetitions per day or similar. In addition, an indication for the performance trend would be great (e.g. indicating how the performance for a specific exercise has improved or deteriorated by indicating a percentage +/-). Basically, functions that some other fitness apps (which are of course not close as good as FL) have as standard. I would also like to have information that shows me how often I have trained a certain muscle per week. Which muscles are trained is already displayed for each exercise, so you basically “only” need to incorporate this info in a statistic.




Hey @Ben ,

Just curious if besides DAS you are looking into aome of the other features requested reg stats (e.g. stats reg the weights lifted over time)?

Would be great!



Now that this topic came up again, I’d love to have a graphic to be able to see how my DAS changed over time.