Weekly stats - improvement

Hi There

I receive every Monday weekly stats of the past week to « show » me my improvement.
Honestly I cannot see any improvement with the current way of the message. How can we see/know improvement if we do not have any information of the previous weeks/months???
Why we do not have stats from previous weeks/months?
This is a basic feature from my perspective but I might missing something here



I agree completely.
I am tracking my progression with Zepp (my watch app) or Starva, but why do I need to have another app for that?

Right now it is unusable. It shows a number (81 total, 77 performance, 85 consistency) which really doesn’t says much to me


I totally agree. For a while now there have been lots of requests to include the “typical stats” other fitness apps are providing, but nothing seems to happen. I dont get why FL does not include it

I agree that the weekly stats email is not useful.

Personally, I don’t want to get stats in an email. I get too many emails, and I am engaged with the app, so I’d prefer to see my stats in the app and to have an option to disable the weekly stats emails (I don’t see a separate option, they seem to be bundled with other marketing emails).


And now I am not very confident with data provided every week. The level mentioned into the email is not correct, I’m 2 levels above the one mentioned, and that’s definitely not possible into one week.
So that means data presented are not correct.
So an email definitely not useful