Struggling with the nutrition app

I am new to the app and I am struggling with the nutrition app ? Where does one get help such as how to choose your own meal plan by repeating meals in the week etc
I also can’t see any place to set goals and log weight etc

Hey Louise :wave:t2:

Regarding this :point_up:t2: there isn’t really a dedicated feature in the Nutrition app that does this. However, you really should feel able to do this-and you can “log” it in the app as a “meal out” whenever you eat a meal not in your meal plan for that week.

And with this :point_up:t2:, you can reset your Nutrition focus in your Profile settings :point_down:t2:

  1. Go to your profile settings
  2. Select “Coach”
  3. Select “Coach Focus”
  4. Choose your focus

Logging your weight regularly isn’t something that the app will ask you to do-but you can update your current weight in your profile in the app.