Updates and feature removal in the app

Thanks Ben!! It’s a pity, I used it all the time :frowning: . New times coming.

Hello Freeletics. Where are the great news that were announced to make us renew the anual subscription before prices increase? Just a way of catching us? I have been reading about great news for the last year or more. I regret paying again my year subscription sadly.


Hi Ben, any updates since June 6? It looks like the Apple Watch beta has been removed? This is a huge bummer since I now can’t use my watch for run workouts (I don’t like having to carry my phone). Can you confirm that this was removed and not a glitch? And will it be returning in the future?


Same here :frowning:
This was the killer feature for me, since I hate running with my phone. It was also the main argument when I recommend this app to my friends.
I really hope that the removal is just a glitch and the feature will return shortly to the app :pray:



Why did you do that ? seriously !


Hey Adam :wave:t2:

The standalone Apple Watch app has indeed been removed from the app. I understand that these changes will disappoint some people but I can assure you that we are doing this in order to provide an even better training experience in the long run.

This experimental feature has not been used by more than 1% of our athletes. So when it comes time to make a decision about the investment in maintaining such a feature, compared to the use that is being made of it, the decision may be to abandon it and allocate the resources to other projects. This is what happened with the Apple Watch.

You can still use the remote control function on the watch, but for running, you’ll have to run with your phone, or fill in your race data manually once your run with the apple watch is over.

As for its return, it’s not something I would completely rule out, but I don’t think it’s something to expect anytime soon.

The feedback on the topic is useful to us though-and I will make sure to share all the feedback collected here in the team :+1:t2:



But the main reason for this is that most of the users didn’t even know that this feature existed. If it wasn’t a Beta and hidden in the settings even more people would be aware of it and also use it.

I will also miss this feature a lot and find it a big mistake to remove such a useful feature.


Yeah, I understand completely that many Athletes will be disappointed @Pascal, I said in my very first post in this topic that I knew that there would be some sadness when certain features are removed.

One piece of the current work we are trying to do currently is to make it easier for all users to understand exactly what features are available-at the moment there are many, many features, in different places in the app, and we regularly get feedback, particularly (although definitely not exclusively!) from newer users, that it is difficult to understand everything available.



So updates so far are just remove things? I’m a long time user of freeletics, and I like running.
3 years ago, when you added the standalone app, it was a revolution; yeah sure, a lot of apps already have done it, but now I can run with my Apple Watch and freeletics.
Now it’s time to move to something else: i wait that version .23 expire in 60 days in TestFlight and I’ll move to another app. I really like to train, but I want to see my heart rate for example (does the coach use that data?). Also the Apple Watch app collect much more informations about pace, cadence, etc.
Sadly, a very useful thing, hidden in settings menu and in beta for 3 or 4 years now is removed.
It’s time to go for me: thanks for everything freeletics, you bring me back years ago with that feature and now you’re losing me because of that :wave:


That’s really sad for the Apple Watch, it was one of the best features in the app.
I understand the low adoption, but it was experimental and only for Apple, so the numbers are expected to be low. Really hope to get it back


Hi Ben,
in my opinion, Apple Watch Standalone is (was :cry:) one of the most useful features at all. You don‘t need to take your phone for a run, not even for a bodyweight workout. And as @cogidoo mentioned, it is much easier to go for a run without taking your phone. I‘m pretty sure the number of Watch Standalone users would increase rapidly if you would enable and promote it as I know many runners who only use a GPS watch and are happy not to carry their phones.

And manually adding a run isn‘t a good alternative if it comes to interval runs…

You really created a great App and I love to train using the coach, but removing Apple Watch Standalone completely really is a disappointment.

Best regards


I just did an interval run with the „new“ combo of watch and phone and it‘s really a step backwards. Previously at the watch, I could see my heart rate and the overall process of the intervals. Now, there is no heart rate and if I forgot to count the intervals, I have to pull out my phone and to check if this is interval 8 or 12 or something… it‘s annoying :frowning:


Same thing here.

All other FA (some soon to be ex-FA) have covered all the arguments that came to my mind. I discovered the “stand alone Apple Watch” feature by accident… and I bought an Appel Watch BECAUSE of it!

Since then, I never stopped using it.

  1. It was a FANTASTIC feature. I don’t run, but when I train outside, some training spots are “risky” regarding having your phone with you. So I loved having the option of going with my Apple Watch only.

  2. OF COURSE it’s not reached sufficient popularity because it stayed “BETA / EXPERIMENTAL”.

  3. What about PB’s? All FA that got their PB using the stand alone Apple Watch will have a HARD time beating them with having to go back manipulating their iPhone. Having to tap on your watch naturally helps you saving some time VS having to tap on the phone.

I am REALLY considering quitting being a FA as soon as my renewal date is reached.

I have been a FA since march 2016. Adopting Freeletics was a life-changing move, I am very grateful.

But now that I am a confirmed athlete, what I am expecting from Freelectics are top notch features:

. An AI that is the best on the market. A “real AI”, not just a rules based “machine learning” feature.

. Multidevice features. Being able to train inside, on a smart TV, or outside, with nothing but a smart watch.

. A capacity to design “custom WODs” from time to time.

Keep in mind that you also have legacy users. If you want to keep them, LISTEN to them…


Same thing here!

Just 2 hours ago I did a traiining with the watch / phone combo…

Heart rate is gone.

Latency between watch and phone is there.


Well, in this case, why not “branching out” and having a simplified version of the app. for beginners and an advanced one for legacy users.

I would be ready to pay MORE for MORE features…

Advanced fetaures:

. Stand alone capacity on watch

. Custom wods creating capacity

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Just to say: I’ve checked about 20 fitness apps on the App Store and each app have an Apple Watch version that works without the phone.


I have never considered moving for another app.

Because of the stand alone feature being discarded, I was considering it.

Thanks to @Bettinz info (other Fitness Apps with an independent watch feature), I now know it’s unavoidable… this or I’ll just won’t renew my rearly subscription and go for “freemium” option.

I now know enough about WODs from various “journeys” to create my own… that will mimic them right.


For a beta / experimental feature it worked damn well and it’s really a pain in the a** not having it anymore. Please bring it back! I’d rather take a copy of the Freeletics App that has this feature enabled and never gets updated anymore instead of an app that gets updated weekly without giving me any benefit.

I don’t understand why working and good features get removed again and again. “Beat last time” was also one of those things I still miss although it’s long gone.


I stumbled upon the post by accident because I was wondering why my Apple Watch app wasn’t working correctly. It would be better for the future if Freeletics would communicate better to their users when they change the functionality of their app.

As 90% of the people here I used almost exclusively the Watch app to work out. And honestly being able to work out without my phone is one of the main things that convinced me to stay on Freeletics.

This feature removal really feels like a step backwards.


In my opinion, if you aren’t going to support the stand-alone watch app then Freeletics should really just get rid of the running gods, journeys, and intervals and just stick to the distances as part of the explore tab. Running with a phone is miserable and doesn’t reflect the dedication to athleticism that Freeletics has always been about.

On the other hand, with the standalone app, Freeletics was one of the absolute best apps for runners who wanted to do structured workouts as part of their training. The standalone watch app was unrivaled in the industry and a hidden gem that I really wish Freeletics would have promoted as a competitive advantage over other training apps rather than join the crowd and toss it.

I love Freeletics and will continue using it, but this very disappointing to me and if it is reflective of the direct link that Freeletics is going in the future, I may eventually have to move on