Updates and feature removal in the app

A little bit off-topic… but may there is a stat how much persons this 1% @Ben talked about, recommended freeletics and multiplied the amount of subscriptions?

I dont have an apple watch and I am not affected, but i know how much persons i brough to freeletics… so if I wouldnt like the app anymore and switch, a lot of persons will follow me… therefore its important to keep in mind, that this unhappy 1% could be a negative multiplier… :v:

May there are some other arguments why removing features, but the 1% argument should not make this decision, dont knowing what the impact is if this 1% will leave the app… (also based on the disussion with the daily summary, i dont know if we are heared in this forum by the decision makers)

For what I’m reading here, freeletics is not interested in our opinion or complain.
This forum is a one-to-many tools to communicate things, but they will not change idea or roadmap.
I’ve already switched to another app after 5 years with freeletics because running with an iPhone 11 in 2022 is unbelievable; I need to see time, speed and heart rate. I also need to see next interval if I’m doing interval running.
This is sad, really sad.


Ouch. I am a very passionate Freeletics user (level 73 after 1.5 years of using the app). But the official Freeletics reaction and your posts about the Apple Watch cancellation just let me reconsider… :pensive:

I finished my last training journey two days ago and decided to tackle the Run and HIIT journey next. Just yesterday I even have bought some new running shoes to start running - just to realize that the whole Apple Watch app became rather useless. (And no - having an LTE Apple Watch I won’t bring my iPhone for running)

I didn’t think that I would really ever consider to change my training app. But Freeletics - you are not doing yourself a good service with how you treat your passionate clients…

(IMHO - you should make the Apple Watch app more appealing as Apple is now moving all in on fitness. I don’t like the Fitness+ offering of Apple - but as an Apple user you nearly force me to switch… :pensive:)

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So I’m learning to run with my phone… but the phone doesn’t record GPS data to Apple health so now all of my runs don’t have gps data? Absolutely unacceptable from a running app! This was standard 10 years ago with apps like map my run and Strava.

With all the focus on adding equipment, it seems that Freeletics has decided that running is no longer important. Please show us runners some love, if we can’t use our watch, at least make the phone app usable :pray:

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I cancelled my Freeletics subscription yesterday. In the last few weeks, the app has only annoyed me, it looks different after every update, I now find the app unreliable, even unpredictable. And I also don’t have the feeling that negative feedback is really heard, it’s always just “We want to get even better and even better and even better …”. However, it seems to me that Freeletics is now acting without sense and reason and without an overall concept.

The app now seems wildly cobbled together and I no longer understand the design decisions. The app used to be uniformly black everywhere, which was pleasing to the eyes and looked good. Now there is a lot of white, which reduces the contrast and makes some elements simply unrecognisable:

Because everything is white now, you can no longer see the course of the run, for example, you can only see the finishing point. Is this the “improvement” for which I now also have to pay more?


You can switch to dark in settings. But you are right, the dark version is also ugly.

Hey Josh,

I’m happy to try and engage in conversation but I can’t just repeat the same thing over and over again-that’s not going to be enjoyable for you or for me. It’s a very small number of users affected by the change, it affects less than 1% of users directly and we have to focus on resources at the moment on improvements and changes that benefit everyone :+1:t2:


Hey Kevin and welcome :wave:t2:

We’re rolling out a new colour scheme at the moment, but it could be that this is technical bug if it is affecting what you can see on the screen so much.

If you are not able to see detail or information, can you let us know in the bug section :point_down:t2:


Hey Adam :wave:t2:

The app does record GPS data, you should get a map displayed in the FL app with this after your run.

As for the Apple Health data-this is something that should be recorded by Apple. You’ll see a quite a few discussions in places about this online like the below :point_down:t2:



Please, tell us when the addition of news and improvements in the app has been finished.

Apart from performance and bug fixes that I suppose will be in continuous development.

It would be great to know when the great updates and news have been concluded to get a global idea of what we got and what the app offers for next payment decision.

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Hey @kvnschmdt :wave:t2:

Just an fyi that I think we have a bug here :point_down:t2:

It would be amazing if you could just put your tech details in this thread so we have some more info to try and replicate this.


@Ben Thank you for the response!

My settings are setup correctly and location tracking/maps work with every other running app that I use. I also was able to get maps when using the old standalone Freeletics app on the watch. The issue appears to be that the Freeletics Apple Watch companion app is not triggering the use of location tracking on the watch, it is using the phone’s location tracking and then not transferring that location data to apple health when it synchronizes the workout.

@Ben When can we expect more announcements or updates?? :slight_smile:

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We work on a 2 week sprint, so usually every 2 weeks :wink: Depends on the work being done :+1:t2:


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Well after using version 22.45 (the first one without Apple Watch support) I’ve to say thank you: that forced me to run again with the native app of my Apple Watch and I totally forget how useful, intuitive and full of data is.
Next step is to disable the health integration into the Freeletics app (totally useless right now) and cancel my subscription (weeks ago).
Improve an app by deleting all “smart” features adding a totally useless workout builder (I use the coach because I don’t know what exercises I’ve to do; if I know that I don’t pay for the coach right?) is a perfect example about how to make an app useless.
I’ve renewed 5 months ago because I was expecting new features; instead right now I have a different font, different colors and I can’t exercise again (do you still expect that I change every exercise tapping on the phone? Why do I have to run with the phone if I have the Watch?).

My opinion is that with staedium the management are pushing efforts and money where the product produce more money (30€/month and 700€ to buy the hardware); saying that the future of Freeletics is easy: an entry level staedium missing all the smart features and requiring you to tap on the screen when you’ve to change exercise.
After 7 years it’s time to say goodbye :wave:


Agree every single word and same situation. Try Fitbod and Apple Fitness Plus as a complement.

I was losing time and energy looking for a reason to justify staying with Freeletics after some years. But sometimes ways go separate.

That is my case and I realized that the most important thing is moving every day. No matter how or which app using but moving and in our case, closing the rings.

I was hurting myself spending time on looking for a perfect app and trying to convince myself that Freeletics was mine.

Today I am using Fitbod and Fitness Plus for yoga.

No matter yesterday or even tomorrow. Life is now.

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100% agree and it is really sad. Freeletics was so great for so long, but clearly going the wrong direction. One can only assume it is because funds are being reallocated to the new (and entirely unappealing imho) venture.

I will say though, in Freeletics’ defense, that they have added the workout builder (which was very heavily requested) and have expanded the flexibility of the app by allowing weights and new equipment to be used by the coach (vastly expanding the workout library). They are expanding and improving, it is just slower than we would hope and coming at the cost of some important features and integrations.

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You can see that freeletics itself doesnt have the priority anymore. Look at the blog on the website, usually they write 2-4 articles every week. Now it has been 3 months ago they wirted an article. They clearly have other priorities.

More than 2 thousands workouts, paying coach subscription for several years… I just renewed a month ago and now I’ve found that the apple watch app is not available anymore… I may understand that some people requested a workout builder, but please… do not remove functionality.

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