Thoughts on app improvements

First things first: I really enjoy the Freeletics app and I just recently signed up for lifetime access. The app has without a doubt improved my fitness level massively. With that being said, I do see potential for improvement and I hope you will consider the improvement points I’ve listed below:

  • God workouts should not have timed exercises like plank hold, hollow
    hold, passive hang etc. as I might need a break while doing that
    exercise * however the clock keeps running and eventually times out. Hence it does not
    necessarily reflect my skill progression.

  • I really hope you will focus on developing a well functioning app
    for smartwatches where a phone isn’t needed at all.

  • Running cannot be added to my own custom workouts. This is quite essential if you ask me. Please add that feature so we can do The Murph :slight_smile:

  • Creating my own workout is not a new feature anymore. Why is it STILL not possible to edit a workout - only “duplicate and edit” is an option. I honestly don’t get why this hasn’t been fixed yet.

  • I don’t receive notifications on my phone (iPhone) when athletes I
    follow share a workout. I’ve checked my settings and I do receive
    notifications from the Freeletics team but not from the athletes I
    follow. My followers don’t receive notifications from me either.

  • I cannot share the workout I’ve created myself, when I share the
    link it just redirects to the homepage of Freeletics even though I’m
    logged in.

  • I really don’t understand the point system. Single exercises and
    free running gives almost no points no matter how far you run or how
    many reps you do. God workouts, however, can easily provide you with
    more than 1000 points. In my opinion, this point system renders

  • I hope you will create more challenges and also focus on creating
    challenges for different levels. The New Year’s eve 300 burpees
    challenge was fine but honestly, when you can easily do 40 or 50+ burpees in
    a row, 300 for a whole month is not much. Also, why do the burpees
    from my god workouts and personal workouts not count as reps in such a

  • Please add a dip rack and an ab wheel as possible equipment along with exercises.

  • When adapting a session saying “I don’t have equipment” I don’t
    necessarily lack all my equipment * just some of it. Suggestion: After
    adapting the session with "I don’t have equipment, provide me with a
    list to check the equipment I don’t have for the day’s workout. Also include an option to select “all equipment”.

  • I enjoy listening to mindset coaching but it’s really annoying that
    I have to press play for each episode. Please add an option for
    playing the next episode automatically.

  • Please sync the countdown number that shows on screen (from 5) with the countdown voice.
    It’s really annoying they don’t follow each other.

  • As suggested by other athletes I too would like a “favorites” section where I can add my favorite god workouts, exercises, stretch routines etc.

  • Could you please consider creating an API so developers can use their own Freeletics data in other applications?

  • Lastly, I’m a bit puzzled if I should provide my feedback here in this forum or your Discord server. Even Freelectics Reddit still seem to be active but I’m not sure if you manage that community. I suggest you officially choose a primary channel of communication and stick to it.


Great ideas, just reading them, they make sense.

I’d like to +1 one of them particularly, as I’ve been thinking about the same for a long time. God workouts should not have timed exercises. For example, Pandora, which has 10 rounds of body hold. I simply don’t do most of the hollow holds right, as my core is burning like hell, but my Pandora is successfully completed :woman_shrugging:

Please add “horse stance” movement to app. İt can be very beneficial for warm up or normal exercises

Can I add another suggestion:

  • currently I am injured. I don’t want to change the whole session, just substitute out the bits I cannot do. If I try to change 1-2 exercises it only allows me to change the whole session which usually avoids me doing cardio as I have to select “don’t train lower leg”. However I can do some of it, just not big jumps and burpees. Therefore I have now been forced to do a weights programme instead of the slow fat burn one…

I would like to second this. having a “replace” option on a per exercise basis would be really useful so that I could go through and replace exercises that I am unable to do that day without changing the entire session.

This is a fantastic and comprehensive list. You nailed pretty much all of my thoughts on how the app could be improved and really hope that the FL team is seeing it (@Ben ). The forum is a great place to post about change requests and give feedback. There are a number of FL team members that frequent the forum and bring feedback to the rest of the FL team.

Hey there,
We might not reply to all the posts, but be assured we see all of them and feedback is always forwarded. Facebook, Reddit, and Discord are not being owned by us. We might have sometime replied there, but the forum is the only official community space owned by Freeletics.

Could you re-add enter the cage journey? Please :pleading_face:

Very detailed and worked post. Thanks

I would like to ask for one more improvement: to be able to create a challenge from a personnel work out, so one have it in the coach screen and it is easier to do it in daily basis

What a fantastic post! Well done. First of all, let me also say that I absolutely love Freeletics. Has gotten me in great shape in my 40s. I even love the nutrition app which has some amazing recipes in my opinion. A few points I wanted to raise.

Agreed with you on adding runs to custom workouts. Mentioned it in another thread before finding this one. That’s a must.

Agreed on favorite workouts! That’s a must.

Can I suggest the following improvements

. god workouts with dumbbells and kettlebells. If there are some, please correct me and let me know. Familiar with the « Gain muscle » journeys

. How about specific sports related journeys for football (soccer) and basketball? Each sport requires a certain level of fitness/strength and journeys could be tailored to that.

. How about also adding a favorites section in the nutrition app?

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The request I’m getting ready to make is more of a personal request, but I’m sure there are others that use the app that would agree. I would like the option to be able to only have “men only” exercise videos that I’m watching while working out, instead of a mixture of both men and women. For me, this is more for spiritual reasons, than anything else, but I also know that for me, I am more inspired to see how another man is doing the exercise so that I can try to imitate it better. If this is not fixed, I will be deleting my membership that I’ve had for years now. Thank you, please respond!


I can understand that everyone has their personal preferences.
Myself personally I don’t care who performs the exercise.
From my experience, once I have completed exercise enough times I stop paying attention to the video.

It just interests me how did it become a preference only now after years of using the app?
Just curiosity from my side.

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Lol why? You cant see women as just performing an exercise?

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It’s become more of a personal conviction for myself. I’m trying to overcome some things in life, clean out things, overcome temptations that are common to all men. It’s difficult when it seems like everywhere you look there’s no decency in any place anymore. I’m a married man, and it would be helpful to reduce the amount of places where a man could fall.

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Are you a woman?

Sorry, I don’t geht it.
You are feeling tempted by a filmed woman doing Pullups or Burpees to show you the correct technique?

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Sorry but just woman doing correct techniques is sexual for you?

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Hey everyone :wave:t2:

I think it’s important to recognise that everyone can have diverse perspectives motivated by personal convictions, or faith. We would of course not tolerate any behaviour that is discriminatory, sexist or that harms a person’s integrity. The motivation behind wanting the ability to choose the coach’s gender can be strictly personal and would probably be an endless debate in such cases.

The models that you’ve seen in the app are Freeletics employees, real Athletes, Ambassadors, because this is who we are.

What I can say is that celebrating diversity, in all that this means, is at the core of Freeletics. It is already the case in the app and you can only expect more of this in the future. In other terms, there is no plan to change this aspect of the app in the future.

While we strive to create an inclusive environment where all users feel welcome, we are aware that we will never accommodate every individual request and that might lead to some not joining or leaving Freeletics. But we do accept that.



In the next exercise countdown timer screen would be great to have the text on next coming exercise be larger. This way I don’t have to look closely at the phone when I’m resting and getting ready for the next exercise

Lots of screen real-estate not being used today


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