What's next for Freeletics?

Hi Team,
We have recently seen a lot of advertising around Freeletics increasing its price. The main reason stated to justify this was the addition of exciting new features “We have even bigger plans for the Coach”. So I was wondering if you could give us a little sneak peek of these new additions to us, the special Forum Freeletics Family!
Roman Gods (dumbbell Gods)? Nordic Gods (barbell Gods)? Rower? recommended weight on hybrid journeys?
This is so exciting! Can’t wait to find out more!


Please some rowing workouts :pray:

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Some new advanced calisthenic excercises would be pretty good too. :raised_hands:

With the new skill progressions feature they could make Levers, Planche, Skin the Cat or L-sits just to name a few.

Also maybe they could add Pushup bars as a new equipment.

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