Dumbbell Gods Teased in a Video?

Hey Freeletics Community!

I was watching some videos from the Freeletics Youtube Chanel, and I saw that some new “Iron Gods” could be coming?

The video is Free vs.paid | Freeletics Explained from 1 year ago, at 1.26min

I am personally super excited about that feature! Maybe this is also an abandoned project, but that would be just a great addition to the Freeletics experience.

Let me know what you think!


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I have been praying for some weight based gods for a while now! It would be amazing to see DB, BB, and KB gods in the app.

I also see a mention of groups, where you can see the points of others in your group and a weekly nutrition challenge!? Possibly a little easter egg in there too.

Thanks for sharing! Keep the hope alive that the dumbbell gods are coming :smiley:

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Nice teasers (and what eagle eyes to spot these!). Now we can only hope that these weren’t just advertising mocks and that the plans weren’t shelved again.

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@melaLetics i really hope! How good would that be!

Already more than a year ago haha and still no huge updates.