Where's my mat.(yearly bundle subscription)

So I got a yearly subscription which included a training mat with it. The payment email doesn’t mention it anywhere and now I don’t know if I’ll recieve it. How do I get in touch with the freeletics support about it? Please help.

You can write an email to support@freeletics.com


Alright. I’ll do that.
Thanks for your help!

Hey Saurabh :wave:t2:

It’s Ben here, can I ask you where did you see this offer? As far as I am aware we don’t have such a promotion.


It was right where it says MOST POPULAR in blue above the training & nutrition bundle plan. I tried looking for it again, but it doesn’t say that anymore. Should have taken a screenshot maybe.

No worries, thanks for the further info!

I am fairly certain we don’t have such an offer, but that definitely doesn’t mean you didn’t see this, and I could of course be completely wrong! I’ll look in to this and let you know :+1:t2:


Hey again Saurabh :wave:t2:

Ok, I’ve established that you were shown this purchase screen by mistake-it isn’t something that you should have been shown in the app and this offer does not exist unfortunately. We’ll look in to exactly what happened here and try to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

I can see you’ve been in contact with us and one of the team will reply to your mail.

I’m sorry that I can’t bring you a more positive update.


Hi @Ben.
I understand that this was a technical fault.
Going to keep pushing myself. I honestly love the app. Hoping to see some gains soon! :muscle:t4:
Have a good day chief.