Workout and music 🎶

Let’s do a fun little topic! :musical_note: :musical_keyboard: :guitar: :studio_microphone:

What music do you listen to (if any) when you start your workouts?

Ear buds or speaker?

For me it depends on the mood. Sometimes I like total silence.

I’ll usually go for a light background music, just loud enough so I can hear it but not too loud.

Do you have any particular artists you always play or it’s mixed?

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Alternative or hard rock :woman_singer:
I feel like I need a variety of bands during a session, so I always use playlists.

iPad speakers at their capacity, or almost at it.

I have never done a Freeletics session without music.

I find that badass rock sets me in the right mood to work out hard and with a lot of attitude :sunglasses:

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Depends on the session I’m doing. Strength and HIIT is more party/fast music or good vibes. Conditioning is more my normal music or good vibes sounds because it’s more chill. If I’m doing a running god also party/fast music. The genres are mostly alternative or pop but also soundtracks.If I’m just doing a slow paced run I listen to my normal music or a podcast.
If I’m outside I have small headphones, when I’m inside I have my speaker. The more tired I am or if it’s a god I’m doing it’s a bit louder than usual.

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