Variety of workouts


I have been in the hybrid journey for the past 3 months almost. I am currently in session 37/48.

There are few things that I still don’t get quite well. One of them is the variety of workouts… Although in my settings I did not exclude any equipment, the coach gives me almost the same workouts throughout the journey. The cycles might differ from week to another, however the sets itself don’t change. For example there are no moves for the chest other than the barbell chest press and the push ups ? Why aren’t there any moves for dumbles press for example, or low chest press… i have access to all types of machines in my gym and I’m not taking advantage of any…

Appreciate any feedback on the above.

Thank you


Hi @George

The hybrid journey is my personal favourite !

Freeletics doesn’t use any machines per day like chest press, pull downs, cable machine, shoulder press machine, hack squat and so on. As the app is designed for Functional Training only, you will only see equipments that are not « fixed » or that takes out some of the work.

The Hybrid Days will utilise all the equipments available except the barbell, which has their own dedicated days.
So you will see a mixture of Dumbbells, Kettlebells, box, jumping rope, low bar, etc.
The Coach will go through phases where the intervals will look like each other but if you give the appropriate feedback, it will definitely evolve.

I personally found that if I didn’t have enough chest stimulus, using the adapt button to chose a harder session, would usually give me some dumbbell bench presses or more pull up work or straight bar dips.

Doing that journey several times also helps having different intervals and a more diversification in movements proposed by the Coach, as it’s always adapting!

Hope that helps and let me know if you have any questions, I’ve done it quite a few times and loving it!


Hey @TomG . Thanks for the reply!

I understand the mixture is diverse, and this is something I definitely enjoy about the app.

However, if as you suggested I choose a harder session aiming for a different exercise, how to ensure that the coach will just change the exercise and not increase the weight ? Because i definitely don’t need heavier weights at the moment … And to add to that, during the whole past period, i never had a dumble chest press exercise, neither did I have upper and lower chest exercises, Is that normal ?

Thanks again Tom!

Hi @George , i would suggest to use that adapt button for a harder session only for your « hybrid » days not the barbbell days. This way the exercises will change but you will still get to chose the weight you want to lift.
You can preview the session and see if it is what you’re looking for and you can also use the « I want a different session » button to see what it looks like.

Sometimes even by doing so, the Coach won’t give me a « proper » chest session, so I would just add 3 sets of parallèle bar dips from the single exercise section.

Depending on the number of days you workout, the barbell days will look different, but usually you will only see a bench press during the barbell days as chest exercise. You would see more diversification during the hybrid days though, like straight bar dips, include pushups, decline pushups, banded pushups, db press, db fly, etc. Don’t worry it will totally evolve the more you do it and increase the intensity!


Hi @TomG . Quoting your sentence

My problem is that I am not really aware of what is considered a “proper” session and that is why I need a coach to tell me if i should do more upper chest, lower chest, etc. Because I wouldn’t know what single exercise to add.
Otherwise if the coach kept telling to do straight chest press exercises, i will keep doing them for a year maybe who knows :sweat_smile:

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Hey @George no problems at all! The bench press or straight chest press exercises are very very good and should be a staple in all programs anyway. And the Coach will work your whole body throughout the program. If you keep your training consistent and do all of your assigned session, you can trust that you’ll have enough chest stimulus!