Freeletics vs Fitbod

Good morning.

Had been using Fitbod app during the last 3 months and thinking about changing to Freeletics mainly for the price.

Does anyone know how Freeletics compare to Fitbod and the main pros and cons?

Thanks very much for your help.

Fitbod mostly follows a generic gym training workout routine that will get you stronger and more fit, but in my experience it is not intense enough to build well rounded athleticism. Freeletics has a larger diversity of positions and movements, trained at a (generally) higher intensity, so you build well rounded athleticism in addition to strength, endurance, and fitness.

That’s just how my body responds to the two and the programs that I was doing in each. Both are great apps and it all depends on what you want. I chose to stick with Freeletics because it makes me feel better and more capable. Try both and see what works for you.


Thanks very much!

That is pretty much my point of view too.

I find Freeletics more targeted for getting lean and resistance but once that goal is achieved I was at a point of no progression as I needed more variety and more demanding exercises. Doing 200 burpees is not what I needed for that in my opinion.

What I miss more from Freeletics is the possibility to get mixed exercises depending on the equipment available but the coach only gives the option to choose between them.

It is possible to train with all the equipment but not mixing it unless you build your own workout and that is not what I am paying a coach for.

Fitbod offers that mixing and variety but the coach is less automatic and dynamic. At least as far as I have used the app.

Fitbod gives me minimum exercises for warm up and cool down and sometimes without sense as it sets pull exercises with resistance bands for cooling down.

Maybe is my fault as I am new with that app and probably I missed something with settings but again, if I need to expend more time with settings and building a routine, then paying is not worthy as YouTube is plenty of workouts and tutorials for free and everyone could build up a routine but I don’t have the knowledge and the time for doing so.

I will keep on testing Fitbod for a month but I need a mix of both apps or Freeletics to add more variety to the coach.

I don’t get the idea of doing 12 weeks of kettlebells and then changing to 12 weeks of dumbbells and so on. Why not mixing them?

The barbell is an exception, but it is already possible to unlock your equipment in bodyweight journeys. So you would get some intervals with dumbbell, Kettlebell, resistance bands, plyo box, pullup bar.

Thanks for the answer.

In which training journeys would I find a mix of equipment please?

I am now with Dumbbells journey and only gives me the option to choose between jumping rope, foam roller and strap or towel. But no kettlebells, pull bar or bans for example.

Does it apply only for journeys without equipment? Even if those are BODYWEIGHT journeys?

Exactly. You’ve chosen a journey dedicated to dumbbells. The selectable equipment here is limited.
The bodyweight journeys are all others except for those with Running, Dumbbell, Kettlebell or Barbell in its name. :wink:
The Hybrid ones are a mixup of Bodyweight and Running/ Weight Lifting. I’m not sure which equipment is selectable in their bodyweight exercises days.

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Thanks again.

That is a great improve then as I was asking for it a long time ago.

It is a bit confusing as my last journey was WEIGHT FREE GAIN but it can be done with weights then. Not accurate name.

Anyways, great for Freeletics to make the coach more complete.

I have tried just about all the fitness programs available, Freeletics definitely stands out. The way their programs are structured from warm up, interval and cool down provides an even flow not provided by other fitness apps.

I say this because soreness has been minimal and my gains have been steady. Also the way their app is structured with upward mobility of gaining points and levels, and a wide variety of fun workouts, breaks the boring monotony of fitness keeping you coming back for more.

It’s another example of fine German engineering like rocket science or Mercedes Benz. :ok_hand:


Thanks very much for your point of view. I only hope Freeletics keep on improving coach and someday they launch the standalone compatibility for Apple Watch as it is still on beta.

Do you think that Freeletics coach is a good one for building muscle at home or is it just for getting lean and become stronger?

I have read many times that is the best for losing weight and getting lean but once there, it is very difficult to improve.

In my case I use a pull-up bar, kettlebells (12 and 16 kg) dumbbells and resistance band.

I don’t have barbells. Only dumbbells up to 10 kgs each

I wish they would add TRX and dip bars in the future.

With that equipment, which of the training journeys would yo recommend?

There are two journeys specifically for dumbbells and kettlebell that you could try. Although it doesn’t sound like you have a lot of weight options to gradually increase for progressive overload to see any size gains.

Depending on your fitness level you could see gains from body weight exercises alone, but yes there will come a time where your muscles will require more of a challenge to grow further. Those two journeys with Coach can get you there, but equipment would be required.

If you don’t have access to said equipment you could search through the exercise list to find ones that are most challenging to you for optimal results with body weight. They have many options to choose from.

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Thanks very much.

My doubt is if Freeletics is capable of using that needed material for progression, maybe at home or even at the gym. A coach that could use weights and machines as I have seen Fitbod does as the equipment as far as I know is more limited in Freeletics. No machines for example, no TRX…

I have read that news are coming. I hope those news refer to the possibility to add more equipment.

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It is very strange for me to read all this…
Honestly, this app looks very good. I like all the options (specially the one to not make noise when you do your workout :stuck_out_tongue: ). To think I will never have to decide myself what I should do, I like that…
Except, the training are very bad. It looks like the coach doesn’t care your feedback. To ask nearly all the time to do a PB for leg/knee wipers, what’s the meaning??
Well, if you want more details about what I say, look for my other messages.
I am very disappointed by Freeletics. I was using it some years ago but I stopped because there was some details I didn’t like. I decided to use it again these last weeks, but it was worst.
So yes, it is very strange for me to read all what you say about it. Because in my point of view, it is a very bad app :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe the coach doesn’t like me :sweat_smile:

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I totally agree with you.

I was very happy with the app and every Monday looked forward news and updates but suddenly all those updates were to worst.

Intrusive advertisements for buying equipment, as you say no changes depending on feedback and limited mixing of exercises that it seems to have been solved.

Apple Watch Standalone app is still on beta and more issues that made me lose the desire of using it.

Now I am testing Fitbod and although I had problems for understanding it, it is getting my interest again.

I only hope freeletics will change its way.

There is another app I like, it’s TMA The Movement Athlete. But it’s not perfect too…
Actually I didn’t find a good app to give you a good and progressive workout. I have Fitbod on my phone, but didn’t try it yet. The app look nice and I like the mail they send you every week about training.
Honestly, I think the best way to train is to find a training plan done by human, not machine :roll_eyes:

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Even if you choose one of the bodyweight journeys that also incorporate equipment, Freeletics is still mainly a bodyweight workout app. Most of the God workouts don’t use equipment.

Fitbod is indeed better if you want to focus on strength, and use as much equipment as you have available. Freeletics is a better allround program, and more fun in my opinion with the challenge from the God workouts.


It works just fine for me, following the Coach programs I’ve become more fit and active than I’ve ever been in my life!

I have tried ALL the fitness apps available over the years and Freeletics stands out.

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Well I would not say I tried ALL the apps, but I tried a lot. And I like very much Freeletics, except it doesn’t work for me. And it is the most important thing…

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